2018 Best Buy Affordable Helmets

2Prioritize your safety even with mundane tasks such as riding a bicycle for fun. It is important to choose the best bike helmets for guarantee your protection from accidents. The aspects that define an incredible bike helmet is its durability, adjustable fit, the comfort it offers and ventilation. Honestly, it is a challenge to search for a bike helmet with the above qualities and at the same time at an affordable price.


As some people say, quality comes with a price. It is true but not for all. You can still find affordable bike helmets on the market with quality. Here are the top bike helmets for less than $100 that you should not miss this year.


Ultralight Stable Bike Helmet


Do you have plans to ride your bike in mountainous conditions? The Ultralight Stable bike helmet is the best option for both on the road and mountain rides. This bike helmet is made of high-grade materials such as polyvinyl chloride and polycarbonate. These materials are impact resistant and offer guaranteed protection when riding on rough road paths. Aside from this, Ultralight Stable has EPS foam inside the helmet for extra head protection. The foam cushions crash impacts that might cause injury and head damages. Also, this head protection has air vents around for cooling system and ventilation.


Giro Trinity Bike Helmet


Another popular bike helmet brand is Giro. Its latest and one of the most affordable models called Giro Trinity is sought out for its sleek design, comfort, durability, and wind ventilation system. The Giro Trinity provides excellent protection since it is engineered from quality polycarbonate materials. Moreover, the inside of this helmet also contains EPS foam to absorb the impact in case of a crash. This bike helmet features Acu Dial Fit system. This feature allows you to adjust the straps while using only one hand. In addition, the strap stays in position to avoid discomfort while riding. Giro Trinity has amazing ventilation with 22 vents placed the entire helmet. Thus, it allows your head to cool and prevents your hair from getting all sweaty while riding for long hours.


Team Obsidian Bike Helmet


If you are searching for a stylish bike helmet with quality, the Team Obsidian is the best one to go. This helmet has awesome design fit for both men and women bikers. The outer shell of this helmet is made tough to survive an intense impact of an accident. Team Obsidian bike helmet characterize ABS skeleton engineered from modern technology to lessen shocks and provide the best protection for your head. This bike helmet is not only built for protection but also for comfort. This helmet is surrounded by 22 massive vents for allowing more air flow and excellent cooling system. The straps of Team Obsidian are highly adjustable so you don’t have to worry about the helmet slipping from your head. Always take precaution when biking.


Mind your safety all the time, and the best way to secure your protection is to wear a guaranteed high-quality bike helmet. For more reviews on the latest bike helmets in the market, ask Gear for Venture via their website.