2018 Best-Seller Brands of 2700 PSI Pressure Washer

3Cleaning your household’s patio, walkways and pavements is indeed an arduous task. It is difficult to remove the dirt, stains, and molds stuck between spaces especially if you don’t have the right tools for tough cleaning. The perfect tool you need for cleaning your household’s exterior is 2700 PSI pressure washer. This tool is designed to accommodate all laborious cleaning from removing stubborn dirt to stains on your pavement. Investing in a 2700 PSI pressure washer is worth every penny you spend.


Imagine this, you don’t have to hire people to clean your walkways and you no longer have to visit a car wash stop to clean your vehicle. For sure, you can save twice of what you spend if you use a pressure washer. Now, before you go to your nearest store or visit market portals to shop online, make sure to handpick a quality and durable pressure washer. Consider first your options and ask for assistance from reliable 2700 PSI pressure washer reviews online like Garage Craftsman. Use their guide to avoid regrets in your decisions. From this year’s famous brands of the pressure washer, here are the top 2700 PSI pressure washer options you should include on your checklist.


PULSAR 2700 PSI Gasoline Pressure Washer


Pulsar is one of the leading manufacturers of the quality pressure washer. Their product line Pulsar 2700 PSI gasoline powered pressure washer model PGW2700H-A is one of the best in doing small and big cleaning tasks. This body construction of this pressure washer is made of the rust resistant powder coated steel frame for long-term use. It features 12 inches never flat tires that are guaranteed durable and can accommodate rough terrains. This product uses a 180 cc OHV engine and has three powerful pistons axial pump to produce a high pressure in washing. With this power, Pulsar PGW2700H-A can pump 2.3 gallons of water every minute under a pressure of 2700 psi.


DUROMAX Gas Engine Pressure Washer


If you are searching for a powerful, durable and convenient pressure washer, Duromax XP2700PWS is what you need. This model has a 5 horsepower gas engine which is fairly high for this equipment. Using this power, Duromax can pump a total of 2.3 gallons per minute. This equipment comes with a hose measuring 20 feet long to help you reach narrow and far areas. In addition, the best thing about Duromax is that this product is easy to change and install.


POWERSTROKE Subaru Engine Pressure Washer


This latest creation from Powerstroke is a good tool for tough cleaning. The Powerstroke PS80950 is powered by Subaru EA 175 engine that is certainly powerful. This product is also versatile since this unit includes 4 pro-style spray nozzles that are highly efficient in washing. These nozzles comprise of a 15 degrees nozzle, low-pressure nozzle, turbo nozzle and many more. The hose of this unit is 25 feet long which helps you to move the pressure washer around while using.


Pressure washers are great life savers in keeping your home clean. If you have more questions regarding this equipment, ask Garage Craftsman via their website.