2018’s Top Electric Hand Planers That Every Woodworking Beginners Need to Know

5Woodworking industry may not be as flourishing as the industrial community; still, it is one of the most stable and growing industry. If you are a beginner in the woodworking industry, below are the top electric hand planers this 2018:

WEN 6530 6-Amp

These types of electric hand planers are suitable for fixing doors, smoothing planes with rough edges, needed plane alterations, and fitting edges. Below are its top specifications and its features:

  • Specifications:
  • 8 lbs in total weight
  • 12x7x7 inches
  • Speed of 17,000 RPM
  • Cutting width of 3-1/4
  • Cutting depth of 1/8″


  • Features
  • Designed with 16 positive stops
  • Increased increments 1/128 inches
  • Capable of 0-1/8 inches cutting depth
  • Has rabbeting guide (adjustable)
  • Built with parallel fence bracket
  • With built-in adjustable wrench
  • With V-shaped groove
  • 5 motor power and capable of 34,000 cuts per minute
  • With kickstand
  • Comes with dust bag


Porter -Cable PC60thp 6-Amp

This powerful electric hand planer is perfect for home use that can handle any kind of woodworking project. Also, for a heavy duty powered hand planer, this type is lightweight with 8.8 lbs which are convenient for beginners. Below are some of its top specifications and features:



  • 8 lbs in total
  • 6×7.8×8.2 inches
  • Speed of 16,500 RPM
  • Maximum cutting depth of 5/64
  • Consumes 120 volts o Features
  • Designed with 6-amp motor power
  • Capable of handling heavy duty woodworking projects
  • Designed with dual-side dust extractions
  • Flexible
  • Comes with kickstand
  • Built with lock-on switch
  • Easy grip surface with its depth knob
  • The mold depth knob can provide positive steps of ten thousand multiple and control depth settings
  • Cast aluminum shoe of 11.5″


Dewalt DW680K Amp 3-1/4″ Planer

This heavy-duty motor comes with 7 amp power and with adjustable blades which is suitable for heavy-duty woodworking projects. Also, it is ideal for complicated detailing, which is perfect for professional woodworking settings. Below are some of its specifications and features:



  • Weighs 12 lbs
  • Product dimension of 15.8×11.4×9.8 inches
  • Speed of 15,000 RPM
  • Capable of carrying 120 volts o Features
  • The 3-1/4-inch planer can provide quality result
  • Robust and reliable in any woodworking applications
  • Precise and accurate
  • Comes with single-cut pass of 3/32
  • Durable and able to withstand heavy woodworking materials and detailed designs
  • Can accommodate high-speed steel blades and reversible carbide blades
  • Comes with comfortable two-finger trigger
  • Has poly-v-drive
  • Ergonomic knobs


This 2018, the woodworking industry has several things to offer and one of them is the electric hand planer. If you want to check more electric hand planers, you may visit this website https://thebestpowertoolz.com/5-best-electric-hand-planers/ . Woodworking may not be popular as any industrial work; it is without a doubt a stable and growing industry. If you want to have a smooth finishing touch, use only the best electric hand planers.