A Closer Look at StashBandz Running Belt: The Pros and Cons

As a physically active person and a sports enthusiast, you probably heard about travel running belts. This running accessory has been a great help for individuals like you. The purpose of running belts is to provide storage spaces where you can place your personal belongings. This accessory is not the same as your regular travel pouch. It can contain a lot of items depending on the size of the running belt’s pocket. Moreover, it does not shift and move on your hips as you move, unlike regular pouches which keep on bouncing with every step you take.


These reasons are what caused the increase in demand and popularity of running belts. As a matter of fact, you can find several brands of this product online. However, despite with the numerous options you available on the web, there is one brand that outstands the rest- the StashBandz running belt.

StashBandz is one of the renowned manufacturers of running belts. They have been providing quality running belts for years with an aim to render the best comfort and convenience to customers. If you are planning to purchase a running belt, include StashBandz on your list.

StashBandz unisex running belt is a worthwhile investment for many reasons. Thus, to let you know more about this product, here is a list of the pros and cons of this running belt from Outdoor Fitlab.

The Pros 

There’s a lot of advantages is using StashBrandz running belt. Check out some it below.
1. Spacious Storage- One tip for choosing a good running belt is to always select one with spacious storage space. StashBrandz features four large pockets with one that is concealed with a zipper. The size of its pocket measures 6” x 8” which is sufficient to fit large items such as your iPhone x and 8 Plus, wallet, passport, keys and many more.

2. Quality Material- The StashBandz is made of Spandex fabric which is soft to the touch. This material is comfortable to the skin and feels lightweight. Also, it features antibacterial treatment as well as resistant to moisture and sweat.

3. Multi-Purpose Belt- This product is not only a useful running belt but also an excellent accessory for so many things. You can use StashBandz as a travel pouch, insulin pump, and as an ice or heat pack.

The Cons 

All products have its advantages and drawbacks. And, StashBandz is not exempted from it. This product has one shortcoming. You have to be careful in choosing the right size of this running belt. If you happen to select the wrong size, it will keep on shifting on your hips. Likewise, it will not hold all your items securely in place.
There’s more you need to know about StashBandz, You can get more info here at Outdoor Fitlab.

The Outdoor Fitlab is one of the most reliable review portals on the web. This site provides honest product reviews regarding the best-seller brands of running belts. Furthermore, they offer guidelines to help you in choosing the right running belt for your activities.