A Die Cutting Machine

Generally, a die cutting machine is an equipment that is used for the conversion of a sheet or any other web material into any shape desired. The machine is basically used for the processing of rubber sheets, woven cloth, as well as textiles that are non-woven in nature. There are two major types of these die cutting machines, which are the rotary die cutters and the clicker presses. The automated die cutting machines also exist for the main purpose of cutting those dies with higher precision and with minimal tolerance possible. If you are having a hobby or a business of cutting sheets, papers, and other materials with precision and speed, you might want to consider this one. You can learn more about the basics of die cutting machines through the internet.


The rotary die cutter is also known as the roller press die cutter, and it is commonly used for the high-speed or immediate processing of web materials and sheets. It is the task of the rotary die cutting machines to press those roller-shaped dies against the use of a web. The web materials are then inserted into roller dies that are rotating. It is then at this point that they are changed into their desired shapes. On the other hand, the clicker presses type of die cutting machines generally makes use of manual conversion of the web materials. The press is basically consisting of a wide table or plate that has a swing-arm head which is smaller in general. There are also traveling head machines and the full head that can be used if there are more difficult or complicated jobs to deal with. An electronic converter is used to control the cutting speed of a die cutting machine.

The advantages of die cutting machines can significantly be attributed to its quality and high speed performance as well as the cutting results that are of great precision and reliability. There are different sizes and shapes available for die cutting machines and your needs will depend upon the cutting requirements. One good thing about these machines is the fact that most of them are being offered with a lifetime warranty with the capacity of a maximum pressure that is numbered at 10 to 20 tons. Machines that belong to the new generation are said to be capable of performing with significantly increased precision and undoubtedly excellent efficiency. The so-called hydraulic cutting machine is said to be of great speed that it has the capacity to cut 15,000 to 25,000 in eight hours.

There are different but common technologies used to make those die cutting machines functional and operational. Among these is the use of a pneumatic cylinders or the air-powered one for some machines in existence. Moreover, there are also some of these machines that primarily make use of certain hydraulic components. For those who are generally utilizing die cutting machines for simple tasks, such as the creation of identification cards, low-cost devices such as those manual presses will suffice.