A Guide for Beginners on How to Install and Setup a Hidden Camera

Most of the hidden cameras today are designed with varieties of applications; its primary function to ensure the security and safety of the people and the property through covert surveillance.

smoke alarm camera

Today, you can find a myriad of surveillance cameras in the market. They differ in quality, features, and styles. Likewise, you will notice that many cameras have a discreet design, like the smoke alarm camera.

Discreet cameras have become popular nowadays. Since they are not noticeable, people don’t know they are being watched. As a result, they don’t change their behavior and actions. In this manner, it is easier for the property owner to identify perpetrators of criminal actions and secure the safety of other people. Indeed there are many benefits to a smoke alarm camera.

If you recently bought a new surveillance camera, the next thing you need to do is install it. You can hire a professional to do the job, but if you are low on the budget, you can set it up and install it by yourself. All you have to do is follow this guide.

Step 1: Look for the Right Spot

Place the camera in the location you want to monitor. For example, you can install the camera near windows and doors if you are worried about intruders. If you intend to monitor your office workers, choose a spot that allows the camera to get a bird’s eye view of your employees, like the wall or ceiling.

Make sure the camera has a direct line of sight of the area. Don’t place it at locations where objects can cover its sight. Also, choose a spot that allows the device to capture a wide-angle.

Step 2: Scout for a Good Hiding Location

If you are using a hidden discreet camera, then there is no need to look for a hiding spot. The design of the camera alone is enough to make people believe it is not a surveillance system. But if you are not using such type of camera, look for a spot that provides a wide vantage point but also camouflages the camera.

Step 3: Consider the Lighting

It is a big mistake to install a surveillance camera in an area with poor lighting. The camera will fail to capture clear footages, thereby making it difficult to analyze the recording.

Step 4: Place it Near the External Power Supply

Recent surveillance cameras are battery operated. Thus, they no longer need an external power source to work. But if your camera relies on external power, make sure to install it near an available wall socket. Also, hide the plug and wires to ensure it won’t raise suspicion.

Apply the same step for connecting the camera into a network. Disguise the Ethernet or USB cable or place it in an inconspicuous place.

Step 5: Test Your Camera

Test your camera after it is installed. Check if the device has a good vantage point and leverage. If not, move it to another location to get a wider angle and coverage.

Additional Advice

Take note that the quality of the camera’s footage depends on the device’s features. Thus, make sure to invest in a high-quality discreet camera. You check this source to find the latest updates on surveillance cameras.