A Guide to Choosing Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV) Tire

UTV or Utility Terrain Vehicles are unique; they are versatile and can be used on these following tasks:

  • Transporting supplies to your farm
  • Plowing fields (that’s right, UTVs can be turned into a mini-tractor)
  • Raking
  • Harrowing fields
  • Plowing snow
  • Mowing your lawn
  • Spreading some seeds across your fields


Aside from recreational purposes, UTVs are built for various heavy-duty mobile tasks, except using it as regular transportation.

If you are new to this and wanted to purchase a new UTV tire but do not have any idea which tires to purchase, this post is just right for you. Here are some useful tips on how to choose a set of Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV) tires.

#1: Determine if it is the time to change the tires

Whether you need the tires for emergency (as a reserve tire) or you needed it to replace your old UTV tires, you have to determine if it is the time to change it. Here is a list of when you should change your tires:

  • The tire is dry, cracked, and discolored
  • The tire is old and looks weathered
  • The tire is more than 5 years old (ATVs and UTVs tires have a 5 years maximum of shelf-life from its manufacturing date)

#2: Check the ply ratings

Ply ratings play an important role when purchasing a set of UTV tires. It is referred to as the number of fibers that were laid over each other to make a tire; the more ply, the stronger the tire is.

Most of the UTVs have tires with it ply ranges from 2 – 8; 2-ply is a set of 2 materials laid over each other and the same goes with 8. Also, 2-ply is equivalent to 1-star rating, 6 is equivalent to 3-rating, while 8 is equivalent to a 5-star rating.

#3: Determine the particular environment you’ll be using the UTV

UTV tires have All-Terrain tires but you can find tires that are designed with specifics too. Here are a few of them:

  • Mud tire – This tire is perfect for muddy and sticky snow terrain.
  • Sand tire – This type of UTV/ATV tire is also called as paddle tires because it looks like ridges on the back tires, which is ideal for sand riding.
  • Racing tire – ATVs/UTVs can also be used for racing; however, you need the right tire for that. Racing tires are designed to go through puddles and hills of sand.

There are other best tires for utv that you should know before purchasing just any tire. If you are using UTV for farming, an all-terrain tire is best used for that task.

#4: Read reliable reviews

To find out if the tire is worth to purchase, read reliable reviews at a reliable source just like the compett.org – honest and unbiased source about ATV/UTV.

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