A Guide to Flashlight Beams

Flashlight beam is significant anatomy of lighting tools. Find out the basic facts about flashlight beams and how it affects the flashlight’s performance. 

Flashlight Beams

A flashlight is probably one of the most mundane tools. However, this device is not just a simple lighting tool. It has a wide variety of functions from general use, industrial, to tactical. It can help a person to navigate objects or perform tasks in the dark. And it is effective survival and self-defense tool.

Regardless of your purpose, it is essential to know the fundamental aspects of a flashlight, more importantly, the flashlight’s beams.

What is a Flashlight Beam? 

One of the confusing parts when buying a flashlight is to know the features of its beam, especially when you buy it online. A flashlight’s beam is an important and huge factor in its performance. Here is a simple guide to help you understand more about flashlight beams.

Often determined by the lens reflectors around the bulb, there three main types of flashlight beams – a flood or fixed, spot or focused, and adjustable beam. The beam type also differs depending on the flashlights function.

The Flashlight Beam Anatomy

If you shine a flashlight on a wall, you will notice that the light has two major areas. The center of the beam is intense bright light; this part of the beam is called the hotspot.

On the other hand, another circle of light surrounds the hotspot. The outer layer is dimmer compared to the inner light. The surrounding brightness around the hotspot is known as the spill.

Different Types of Flashlight Beams

If you have been searching for the brightest flashlight in-depth reviews, you probably encountered the term ‘floody’ of light. When a person describes light as ‘floody’, it is referred to as the wide-angel beam of a flashlight.

A flood or fixed type of flashlight beam has a shorter head on the lighting device. The reflector is shorter and textured. It is the reason why the light easily disperses in darkness and generates a broader beam. Although flood type beams could illuminate a wide area, it has a shorter beam throw.

A flood beam is a feature commonly found in flashlights utilized for general use. It is apparent in EDCs, penlights, and standard flashlights.

On the other hand, a spot or focused flashlight beam generates very intense light on one spot in a great distance. This ability of flashlights to project light at far distances in a focused spot is called a ‘thrower.’

A spot flashlight beam has a smoother reflector and a broader head. This feature allows the flashlight to throw beams in farther distances. However, this type of beam has a shorter beam angle compared to the former.

Flashlights used in industrial, hunting, fishing, sailing, tactical, search and rescue, and security have this type of flashlight beam.

Now, there are flashlights with adjustable beams. You can find this feature in recent flashlight models. You can adjust the reflector when you need it ‘floody’ or focused. Adjustable beams are quite convenient since you can control the light depending on what the situation demands.

Take note that flashlight beam matters; thus, before you buy a flashlight always check this feature to assure you are purchasing the right tool.