Anti-Fatigue Mats: Does it Really Make Any Difference?

Retailers, hairdressers, food preparation workers, desk information representatives at the mall, industrial workers, security staffs, are a few professionals who endure standing for hours with a few minutes of break.


Standing does not always provide health benefits; on the contrary, standing for more than two hours a day and on regular basis can cause not only muscle fatigue but several health problems:

  •    Lower back pain
    •    Swollen legs
    •    Sore feet
    •    Varicose veins
    •    Muscle tension or fatigue
    •    Stiffness at the shoulders and neck
    •    Problems with joints, spine, hips, knees, and the feet
    •    Cardiovascular disorders (long-term problem)

Prolonged standing at work does not only cause discomfort but it can also affect your employees’ productivity.

Fortunately, anti-fatigue mats are invented to promote a healthy working environment.

What is an anti-fatigue mat?

The fatigue-reducing mats are specialized mats that are invented to reduce muscle pain, stress, and fatigue caused by prolonged standing on a hard surface.

But, what makes the mat special? 

Ergonomically, these anti-fatigue mats are not your ordinary rubberized mats, these types of mats are manufactured with high-quality materials such as:

  •    Vinyl
    •    Wood
    •    PVC tubing
    •    Rubber
    •    PVC closed cell foams
    •    Polypropylene
    •    Nitrile rubber

Also, the anti-fatigue mats are designed with ergonomic patterns and under-laying cushions; these patterns enables balance and micro movements that helps stimulate the flow of blood from the feet to the entire lower extremities.

Additionally, the cushioning patterns from the underlay of the anti-fatigue mats have insulating properties that help prevent shock from the hard surface, vibrations, cold floor, and from moisture. Moreover, the mat has anti-slip properties, which help reduce the risk of slips and falls within the working area.

The anti-fatigue mats, according to the National Safety Council (USA), are not only designed to reduce muscle aggravation but also helps reduce injuries; this is also the reason why, the anti-fatigue mats are introduced to the public as an ergonomic material that is highly recommended to industrial companies, retailing business, companies with front-liners who stands for more than two hours, and more.

How to select the right anti-fatigue mats?

Since there are several anti-fatigue mats that are sold in the market, choosing the right one can be confusing. If you are ready to promote ergonomics and increase productivity, here are some tips on how to choose the right anti-fatigue mat:

  1.    Check the thickness of the mat.
    According to the experts, do not choose anti-fatigue mats that are too soft because it can only cause imbalance and uncomfortable feeling. Choose something that is elastic with a subtle softness.
    2.    Choose a mat with beveled edges.
    This is to avoid any risk of tripping over.
    3.    Choose from high-quality materials.
    For long-term purposes, choose only those with high-quality materials. If you want to know what are those brands that are made with quality materials you may read more about them here.
    4.    Choose according to the size.
    Do not choose anti-fatigue mats that are wider or shorter than the working area; choose an adequate size.


The anti-fatigue mats are indeed helpful for employees whose jobs require them to stand for long hours. Aside from its ability to reduce muscle tension, pain, and fatigue, it helps increase blood circulation and reduces the risk of having health problems caused by prolonged standing.

So, if you care about your employees, do not hesitate to invest anti-fatigue mats.