Benefits of Wet Food to Your Cat’s Overall Health

Have you been feeding your cat dry food all along? Well, you might have also wondered if your pet cat needs wet food. Don’t worry, as this article will tell you if it’s necessary for your fur baby’s health.

Wet Food to Your Cat’s

You might want to take note that cats get the water their body needs from their prey. But of course, that’s only possible if they’re living in their natural habitat.

Since dry food has low moisture content, your cat can get water from a fountain, a dish, or wet food.

Therefore, it’s best to feed your cat, both dry and wet food for them to get the water they need.

Here are some benefits of feeding wet food to your cat:

Better overall hydration

Most cats don’t like still or standing water. They tend to avoid standing water because it’s usually the breeding ground for insects and bacteria. As a result, they don’t like drinking water from a bowl or a dish.

One thing a cat owners need to remember is that felines prefer fresh or moving water. This means they might like drinking water from a faucet or a fountain rather than a dish.

Cats might also feel vulnerable when drinking water. That’s why they don’t do it too often. A single lap of water is equal to 3/100 of a teaspoon.

Water is essential for them because it triggers a chemical reaction in the body, promotes mobility and joint health, and regulates temperature. It makes up about 60% of your pet’s body, which means it’s crucial to maintain proper hydration by giving it enough water.

However, there’s a catch: how are you going to make your cat drink more water?

You can purchase a water fountain or provide plenty of freshwater.

Another effective way of increasing your pets’ water intake is by giving them wet cat food. Although it can’t replace water, it can still improve your cat’s overall hydration.

Adds more variety

Cats are a lot similar to people; they don’t like eating the same foods every day. They might get bored with their food, too.

In fact, cats don’t like variety; they love it. If you feed them dry food every single day, they might not satisfy their craving.

By including wet food in your pet’s diet, you can satiate its desire for new and exciting textures and flavors. And since wet food comes in small cans, you can buy different flavors to see what your cat likes the most.

With the myriad of textures and flavors to choose from, your cat would feel like each meal is a delightful adventure.

Promotes lean body mass

Wet cat food contains high amounts of protein, which supports muscle strength. It can also help your pet maintain its muscle mass through adulthood and until it reaches senior years.

Your cat’s total body weight is composed of fat mass and lean body mass (LBM). Organs, bones, ligaments, and muscles are considered LBM as well.

So, have you now decided to get wet food for your cats? If you have, then you might also want to purchase a refrigerated wet cat food dispenser.