Best Beauty Haven Advice on Ingredients of Quality Foot Cream

2Most people forget to take care of their feet. This is wrong and unhealthy since it is the most active part of your body. Imagine looking all beautiful but with cracked feet.  That would seem fake, right? Unattended feet can crack or even develop corns and callus.

Regular moisturizing body lotions or creams will have no effect on your feet since the skin of the feet is much dense.  The foot cream is explicitly designed for feet with ingredients that will be of help to your feet.  The foot cream is effective if applied consecutively at least every day. It is advised to put on socks because they help the feet to absorb the applied cream.  At least make an effort of exfoliating them before applying the cream.

You must be wondering how to identify a good foot cream. It is very easy. Your feet would easily absorb some ingredients better than others. This is why Best Beauty Haven will advise you to get foot cream with the following components:

Shea Butter

Most moisturizing creams contain shea butter.  It will do good treatment to your feet since it has antioxidants which are good for your feet to heal and rejuvenate from cracks.  It also has anti-aging properties which are good for the feet since aging causes feet to go dry.  This agent makes the skin of your feet more elastic.

Jojoba oil

The leading cause of having scaled feet is lack of moisture. Your feet need to be moisturized and hydrated often. This ingredient is useful for ensuring your feet stay moisturized. Other than making sure moisture does not leave your feet, this component helps your skin to produce natural oil healthily.


This is the first ingredient to look out for in a foot cream if you want to treat cracked and dried feet. Pure Lanolin has the best healing effect to cracks. It is perfect for getting rid of callouses regardless of how many years they had piled up.

Tea Tree Oil

This oil has earned its stripes in skin care and now in feet care. Tea tree oil is very effective in treating fungal infections. This is due to its ability to get rid of the bacteria that might multiply on your feet.  If you are trying to keep your feet fungal free, this is the ingredient to look for in a foot cream.


Urea is well known for treating various foot conditions.  In case of burns or rashes, look for a foot cream with this ingredient. Urea is also helpful in nourishing and moisturizing feet.


Best Beauty Haven encourages the use of foot cream that is cruelty-free.  The type of a foot cream to use on your feet will vary depending on the condition of your feet. Seriously damaged feet will require cream with faster action.