Best Wine Coolers with Sturdy Design and Strong Shelves

Leaving bottles of wine exposed to heat will cause the beverage to spoil. The heat expands the win, causing pressure to build-up inside the bottle and the aroma escaping through the cork. Moreover, the heat increases the acidity of wine and tannins, completely ruining the quality and taste of wine.


Indeed, wine is very delicate and fragile. It requires proper storage to preserve its taste and circumvent premature aging. That is why bottles of wine are stored, either at a wine cellar or a wine cooler.

Today, only serious wine collectors and manufacturers have wine cellars. Most households that enjoy having wine in their meal prefer using a cooler. It is more convenient and less expensive than building a wine cellar.

Searching for a wine cooler is a bit challenging for a beginner. Access and availability are not the issues here. Wine coolers are very accessible. You can easily find one, whether at a physical store or online. The problem is looking for the best wine cooler among these myriads of options.

When it comes to searching for a high-quality wine cooler, there are a few factors to consider. It includes your budget, the cooler’s technical specifications, and design. And of course, you have to take into account the durability of the cooler.

What are the Best Durable Wine Coolers this year?

If you are searching for a durable wine cooler, read some pretty fair and honest reviews here to find out the top options this 2020.

  • Colzer Wine Cooler

Colzer is one of the superior brands of wine coolers with great durability. Buyers admire its sturdiness that can last for several years. The cooler has a strong build, including its shelves.

Moreover, Colzer wine refrigerators are very functional. It maintains the most optimal temperature for different types of wine. And, it automatically warms up or cools down when the cooler detects low or high temperatures.

Colzer has a wide variety of wine coolers in different capacities. If you need one for home, the best choice is Colzer 15 inches wine cooler that stores up to 30 bottles.

  • Sinoartizan Cooler

Sinoartizan is perfect for individuals who are searching for a wine and beverage cooler. This small refrigerator has a dual function. It can store up to 18 bottles of wine and 55 cans of beverages. Wine bottles and fizzy drinks are separated by a door.

Sinoartizan wine and beverage cooler is one of the most durable options in the market this year. The build of the cooler is sturdy enough to hold all bottled and canned beverages. Unfortunately, because of its sturdier construction, the unit is heavy.

  • Kalamera Wine Cooler

Kalamera is ideal for wine collectors who want to keep their collection growing. The unit has a capacity of 40 bottles.

Unlike most wine coolers that use metal as rackers or shelves, Kalamera features 14 slotted beech wood shelves. Because of this, the shelves of this unit are more robust. The bottles won’t slip off easily from the racker. Likewise, the wooden shelves have a fall-proof system to add more stability and support.

More Thoughts

The above options are only some of the best contenders of durable wine coolers. If you want alternatives or more options, go to this source.