Can Healing Through Music Really Work?

music therapyIf you have a passion for music and enjoy helping others then music therapy is a good career choice for you. You get to combine your love for music with your love of watching other people heal. There are a number of different music careers to choose from that it can be challenging at times. Most all of them are very rewarding and only require a passion for music and an education. Here is a little of information about a couple of music careers that may interest you.

Music Therapy

Music therapists have a very important job. They get the chance to treat individuals with music. In case you’d like to know how to eventually become a music therapist, keep reading.

They work with individuals to assist them with mental, physical and psychological issues or sicknesses. Occasionally a GP or other healthcare professional refers into a music therapist to your patient. Others seem for this exceptional kind of therapy by themselves as a means improve their communication abilities or to fix strain. Regardless of their age or situation, several clients experience a major, more affluent life as a result of music therapy. Music therapists could be viewed in hospitals, colleges, rest houses, community services and penitentiaries. Where they perform, dependent on, the music therapist and other health care suppliers may possibly connect.

Being a real music therapist demands dedication and effort. For those who love music and so are enthusiastic about improving others’ lives, it’s a career field that is rewarding. In minimum, the music therapist must hold as well as finish an undergraduate degree of clinical coaching during which they’re supervised by a licensed professional. A music therapist’s salary ranges from $29,000-$135,000 depending on the level of expertise and experience.

Sound Engineer

A sound engineer is responsible for controlling and maintaining transmission equipment or sound-recording. It can be a challenging job but also very rewarding as you get to learn how to use various types of recording equipment. Often times they perform with songs performance artists, and with film directors. As a way to eventually become a sound engineer, a certification or vocational education will be needed by a pupil. There are community colleges and various vocational universities offering degree programs in this subject. A sound engineer’s salary ranges from $22,000-$35,000 a year work and who they work for.


Regardless of the career choice you make, you get the opportunity to help people with the beautiful sound of music. Whether you decide to be a music therapist or a sound engineer you can get to follow your dreams and stick to your passion. Music has the ability to heal and also bring people joy.