Choosing The Right Kind Of Scanner Is Now Easy

right scanner

Choosing the right scanner is more difficult than you would think.

There are just a lot many scanners to choose from. And you wouldn’t need all of them for your job – instead, you need the one that fits your requirement. The question is, how do you do that?

While all scanners use a combination of mirrors and glasses along with a light source to copy your paperwork and copy images, the quality and the effort differs.

The Different Types of Scanners

Your choice would depend on the materials you want to scan, as well as how many times you would want to in a period of time. If you are looking for an office scanner, for instance, you would want that it is fast.

1. Portable Scanners

If you are looking to take scanning out with you no matter where you are going, portable scanners are the way to go. Though the scanners aren’t as great as the scanners we would review below; it does get its job done. Since you would be using it for your urgent use, it shouldn’t matter a lot.

It’s also not a giant feeder, and you would have to work with a slow scanning rate.

2. Flatbed Scanners

This one’s just what photographers need, and all you need to do is to lay your documents inside it, close the lid and scan them. It’s one of the more popular options for homes too, as a result.

The resolution is also good, and can scan art easily – or enlarge photos the way you want. If you are a low volume user, it is a good option for you.

3. Sheet-fed scanners

These work fast, and don’t have that quality as you would expect from the flatbed scanners. However, they do their work fast – and for a paperless office, seems the right choice. In fact, over the years, the quality of these sheet-fed scanners have significantly improved. You can feed sheets into the machine easily, and it does its job and then spits it all back out. As a result, you are looking for reliability and speed here.

4. Combination Scanners 

These exist in many offices, are small in size, and could even have a fax machine and a printer in it.

However, we wouldn’t suggest using one, primarily because of the reason that you have a lot of problems – the scanning may not work if you take out the ink from the printer, or the scanning process might itself be difficult.

It’s sad though, since these did offer a lot of potential but we haven’t seen one that really makes the cut.

Why Do You Need to Choose the Right Scanner?

Choosing the right type of scanner is very important – it’s what will make your job simpler or cumbersome. Artists would love the flatbed ones, while officegoers the sheet-fed ones. And while the combination ones might seem a good bet, we really wouldn’t advise you to go for one!

02However, if you are worried don’t be. Choosing The Right Kind Of Scanner Is Now Easy. You can read more to know all about it!