Cleaning Equipment You Need In Your House

You have just moved to a new space or you are planning to complete or upgrade you home cleaning kit. We have put together a list that will help you purchase the most vital cleaning tools that we believe you no one should ever miss in their homes.


  1. A nice sponge

There are many sponges out there but don’t just go for any sponge because you will end up disappointed. It is advisable to go for a good quality sponge especially one that has an abrasive side to deal with any stubborn stains that you may come across when cleaning your surfaces. You can as well use sponge cloths, which will play the role of both a sponge and a towel. Silicon sponges last for longer periods so if durability is what you want you can buy them.

  1. Microfiber clothes

This will see to it that your cleaning is boosted. Microfiber clothes will clean your surfaces with very less effort when you add a little water. They don’t leave scratches or streaks behind when you use them so you can use them on windows.

  1. Squeegee

If you want your showers to remain free from molds, then this tools is what you need. They are also good on windows if you are the type who loves cleaning windows repeatedly.

  1. White towels

Always have white towels at hand. You can find the best cotton towels from anywhere even in the hardware store. White towels always have a matching color and you will easily tell when they are dirty. White towels are easy to clean because they are easy to clean since you can bleach them and disinfect without ruining them.

  1. Bucket

A bucket will help in storing your cleaning equipment and it can be used for mopping and when doing other tasks around the house. A bucket is a must have for any house. This too can be found in any hardware store near you.

  1. A spray bottle

Spray bottles come in handy when you need to rinse something with clean water. Spray bottles are made of glass while others have been made from plastic material. I prefer plastic spray bottles because they are not prone to breaking and when cleaning your hands tends to be slippery so things might fall of while you are cleaning and if they are made of glass, they can break.

  1. A scrub brush

Some surfaces cannot be cleaned by using only a towel or a cloth, you will need a scrub brush on such surfaces.

  1. A toothbrush

A toothbrush does the almost the same cleaning just like the scrub brush but a toothbrush id more detailed and it can clean the tiniest corners as well. You can use old toothbrushes to clean sink rims, grout and different nooks and crannies that need cleaning.

  1. Pressure washer

Sometimes regular cleaning of some waters using your hands can be so tiring and the surface might not be clean enough. This calls for you to have a great helper that will help you clean effortlessly, fast and thorough. You don’t need to strain you pocket to ensure this so you can buy the Ironton cold water pressure washer if you’re budget minded, and enjoy your cleaning experience ad results as well.