Common Mistakes You Should Avoid When Using Coupons to Shop

4Using coupons has obviously a lot of advantages to shoppers. That is why more and more people are starting to collect them to help them save money and shop for more items online or not. However, there are some people that do not get the full advantage of coupons because of their mistakes. If you don’t want to be like them, check out the different common mistakes that you should avoid when you are using coupons to shop.


Mistake 1: Not checking the date of the coupon


Coupons also have expiration dates just like some of the items you buy with them. Before you go to your favorite store, or before you try and purchase online, you have to check the expiration date first especially if you have had the coupon for quite some time. Some coupons would be good for only a few weeks while some can be used within a year. Even if the cashier at the counter would not notice immediately, the automated machine would. Some stores, though, would be willing to extend the expiration dates of certain coupons. You can give the store or the manufacturer a call and ask for some extension.


Mistake 2: Not stacking coupons


Coupon stacking is a very important strategy that most budget-savers use. You can get coupons from manufacturers and even from the stores. If you happen to have both for a single product, use them. It would even be better to use them when the product or the store is on sale to get an even bigger discount. For instance, you can save with these Flipkart coupons and couple them with some store coupons you already have during a special Valentine sale in your favorite store.


Mistake 3: Blindly purchasing unnecessary items


Just because you have a coupon for a certain item doesn’t mean you have to buy it. Make sure that the items that you put in your cart are what you need or those that you really intend to buy. This is one very common mistake that coupon holders make. Having the coupon makes them want to buy the product even if it is unnecessary.


Mistake 4: Not checking coupon and store policies


Companies have their own policies when it comes to using coupons. There could be some quantity limits, specific designs, certain amounts, or even location restrictions in some coupon policies. Always read the fine print to avoid making the mistake of purchasing a product not knowing that you cannot use the coupon anyway. Also, some stores are very specific on what coupons they accept and what they reject. Check on that, too.


Mistake 5: Not being organized.


Even if you have cut or printed out several coupons for some of your favorite products, if you are not able to find them, they are useless. Organization is one of the keys to being able to save by couponing. Organize and keep your coupons in one single place so you could easily find them when you need them. You might also want to sort them out depending on their expiration dates, types of products, and so on. By keeping your coupons organized, you would not miss one single coupon and waste your time looking for them.