Common Triathlon Mistakes You Should Avoid

4The best triathletes in the world have been through a lot of hardships during training and races. They have learned a lot from one competition to another. And they have also made countless mistakes before they got to the position they are currently in. Here are some common mistakes shared by experts you should know of and avoid during your first races.


Mistake 1: Not having a training goal


One of the basics in training for any competition is setting goals. Of course, your main goal would win the competition. However, that shouldn’t be the only goal you have. Short term goals during training would keep you motivated to work harder during your next session. For example, in this particular session, set a goal to finish 5 laps in the pool in a certain amount of time. The next session, you could up your laps or decrease your time.


Mistake 2: Not taking transitions seriously


Some beginners think that transition period is rest time because it allows you to take a break in between two courses. That is totally a misconception. Experienced triathletes consider transition period as another part of the race and take it seriously. You need to add transition exercises to your training routine, as well. Practice getting off and getting on the bike, running after biking, changing your gear for the next course and many more. Your body should be able to adjust to sudden changes, too.


Mistake 3: Getting the wrong gear


Some athletes think that as long as they have all the gear they are going to be fine. But, that is another wrong concept. The gears are important to keep you safe and comfortable during the race. You would need to choose a bike that would help you make your cycling easier and faster. Aside from that, you also need to choose your attire that would make transitions easier for you. During transitions, you would need to change from one attire to another, choosing a wetsuit that could allow you to do this faster is important. Go ahead and check out this review to know more about the gears.


Mistake 4: Not ready for unexpected situations


During a race, some accidents would happen (maybe to you or to someone else). But, if you are not ready for these types of sudden situations, you would probably end up at the bottom or worse, end up not finishing the race at all. One of the most common situations is having a flat tire. You should know how to fix a flat before you join a triathlon. You should also have a kit ready in case this happens. Pack some basic things in your triathlon bag that you could use during emergencies.


Mistake 5: Not knowing intervals


Interval training is crucial, especially when racing long distances. You can’t just start strong on your bike after you have swum. You would need to know how to pace properly in order for you to finish. Keep your pace steady and consistent.02