Consider Other Options for your Pain Medication

Muscular pain is an annoying consequence of several things, from fatigue, sickness, overwork, or even sitting for too long. Oftentimes it would be gone as soon as it came, but there are also times that it would persist for days. Most people, if not all, that would experience this ends up taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).


Quit Chronic Fatigue, a site created to share experiences on the journey to recovery from chronic fatigue syndrome, shares that such type of medication addressing chronic pain will actually lead to long term complications, especially on your digestive system.

It is understandable that medications taken internally are quite effective in dealing with our bodily ailments, but there are times that you’ll have to consider other options. Quit Chronic Fatigue recommends using alternatives to prescription pain medication and NSAIDs, specifically, the Penetrex Pain Relief Cream. As put down by Quit Chronic Fatigue, you’ll be able to see why Penetrex cream is worth it.

What is and why Penetrex Cream?

It is an anti-inflammatory topical medication delivering its benefits through the skin, which means that you no longer have to compromise your digestive system when taking pain medication. This means that there would be less to zero instances of heartburn, gastritis, and the excruciatingly painful bleeding ulcers, while inflammation in the affected body parts where it is applied is reduced.

This is different from many mentholated creams that only end up masking the pain through the “hot” or “cold” sensation that they bring over the skin where they are applied. By penetrating through the skin, Penetrex Cream makes sure that it will get as close as to your muscles, nerves, ligaments, and tendons as possible.

Having five powerful natural ingredients added to the formulation, the Penetrex Cream has undergone clinical studies which suggest that it is effective in treating some autoimmune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis.

This is for anyone who is looking for a natural topical cream for relief of pain in one’s tendons, ligaments, muscles, and nerves. It’s not going to merely mask the pain; rather, it would greatly reduce it along with the inflammation. In addition to the ailments that may be soothed by the cream, it can also be used in case of pain brought by repetitive muscle strain, arthritis, and sore muscles.

Another reason why Penetrex Cream is an excellent choice is that its manufacturer, the California-based Biomax Health Products backs their product with a refund policy if you are not 100% satisfied with it for any reason!


Penetrex Cream is to be liberally applied to affected areas, at least three to four times a day, for up to seven to ten days. After the time period, it must only be used as needed; reduce the frequency of applying the cream when the symptoms are alleviated.

The negative things that Quit Chronic Fatigue notices about the Penetrex Cream are the fact that since it is applied to the skin, this can leave those with sensitive skin be vulnerable to rashes, and that since it is to be applied quite frequently, it can run out pretty quickly. To offset this, the Penetrex Cream comes in large-sized containers and there are even discounts for bulk purchases.

All in all, the Penetrex Cream can be used as a healthy alternative to medicine taken internally, and it can even be used, in small quantities, to do some quick massages. A powerful and handy solution to body pain, it is certain that the Penetrex Pain Relief Cream would send muscular pain packing, without compromising your internal health.