Criteria for Searching the Best Commercial Blender

When you have a restaurant, a breakfast bar, or any similar business, one of the basic kitchen appliances you’ll need is a commercial blender.


A commercial blender is different compared to a residential or personal blender. Although they share similar features, commercial blenders are like an upgraded version of home blenders. For example, it has more power, high RPM, larger tank capacity, and additional safety features.

In a nutshell, a commercial blender is designed for high-volume preparation. Moreover, it is more reliable, since commercial blenders are ideal for consistent usage. Likewise, it can blend heavy foods and crush tough ingredients, like ice and nuts.

Take in mind that commercial blenders come in a wide variety. Searching for the best choice can get confusing and tricky for beginners. Thus, to make things easier, look out for these criteria in looking for the best commercial blender.

#1 High Capacity

Remember that you’ll need a high tank capacity to serve several people at once. Thus, search for a blender that can help you prepare several batches of drinks and soups.

The ideal capacity for a commercial tank is between 64 oz. to 75oz.

#2 High Motor Power

A commercial blender must have high motor power and RPM. Most residential blenders feature 500W power. The recommended motor power for commercial blenders is between 800-1000W. If you can find a commercial blender with a higher power, go for it. High-powered blenders are incredibly strong. These are versatile and offer countless culinary opportunities.

#3 Speed Control

Always pick a commercial blender with control settings. Such features allow you to get the most out of the kitchen appliance. Likewise, it is easier to utilize and control the blender if it has different settings.

One example of a commercial blender with impressive speed control is Aimores. It features variable speed settings and blender controls. You can read the full review here at the Prime Shop Kitchen.

#4 User-Friendly

Pick a commercial blender without complex settings and controls. A user-friendly blender is easier to use. Moreover, everyone can handle working with the device.

The common blender controls are push-buttons, toggle switch, rotary dial switch, and touchpad controls. It is all up to you on which among these choices you are comfortable using.

#5 Safe to Use

Take note that not all blenders are guaranteed safe. Some blenders, especially plastic-made mixing tanks, might contain harmful substances such as BPA and phthalates. These substances are toxic to health.

Choose a commercial blender that is 100% BPA-free. Also, pick one with safety features.

#6 Durable Build

When talking about blender durability, it does not solely entail the body of the appliance. It also includes the strength of the blades and the ability of the blender to withstand the impact of crushing tough food.

Select a blender with a strong build and one that came from high-grade materials.


A good rule of thumb when searching for a commercial blender is focusing on the device’s efficiency, functionality, and performance.

Additionally, reading product reviews from reliable sources will help you find out additional information about the product. One of the leading sources wherein you can read honest reviews and guidelines is Prime Shop Kitchen