Debunking Atrocious Charcoal Grilling Myths

A well-charcoaled grill helps enhance the food’s flavor, giving it another color and dimension, which is why a lot a people love charcoal-grilled food; however, several people think otherwise.

Charcoal Grilling Myths

While there are a lot of good things to love about charcoal-grilled food such as the additional authenticity and distinctive flavor from charcoal grilling, there are also numerous people who are against the idea of grilling food using a charcoal grill. Several consumers are thinking that charcoal grilling is an undesirable way of cooking.

So, to clear this up, here is a list of some atrocious charcoal grilling myths that have to be debunked:

#1: Charcoal grilling is quite messy

All types of grilling can be messy if you are grilling without fineness; and when it comes to charcoal grilling, you can avoid or lessen the ashes from the charcoal going over your food by these top two solutions:

  • You may choose to purchase charcoal grills that are designed with ash catchers, making them easy to clean.
  • Stack the right amount of charcoals on the grill at a pyramid shape. This will allow utmost air-flow, enabling the coals to burn effectively with less smoke and fewer ashes on your food.

#2: Charcoal grilling can cause cancer

It is true that charring, burning, and or grilling food over high temperature can form heterocyclic amines (HCAs) on food, which can damage a person’s genes and increasing the risk for stomach cancer. However, you can reduce the risk of acquiring cancer by grilling smart.


  • If it is meat, try to marinate it in lemon or vinegar-based marinate. According to studies, it can reduce cancer formation by 57 to 88 percent.
  • If you need to add honey or sugared sauce, use them for the last two minutes of grilling to avoid charring of food.
  • Sear the meat properly, which is 3-6 minutes over direct heat on every side of the meat, and repeat the process until all sides are well-cooked.
  • Create 2 zones on the grill – direct and indirect heat. This makes grilling fast, easy, and healthy.
  • For sausages and meat patties, you should flip the food frequently to avoid charring or burning.

If you need additional details about how cancerous a charcoal-grilled food can be, you should read the article now.

#3: Charcoal grills heat up slow

If you compare charcoal grill and gas grill, the former is slower to heat up than the latter. However, thinking that it would take 30-40 minutes to heat the charcoal is utterly wrong.

Charcoal grills will take 10-15 minutes to flare up the coals and ready it for grilling. However, stacking the right amount of coals and adding new ones at a pyramid shape, will only take you 5-10 minutes to ready the grill for the actual grilling.

Final Thoughts

There are indeed disadvantages of using a charcoal grill; however, if you are to compare the advantages and disadvantages, you’ll find charcoal grilling as a unique way of cooking that you won’t regret tasting the results.