Do Your Dog A Favor And Gift Him A Dog Agility Tunnel

dog agility tunnel

Dogs just like humans tend to get bored. When a dog is lying around a lot they may not be resting they may be just bored. Staying active will not only keep the dog physically fit but mentally sharp as well. There are a number of things that a person can do to keep their dog entertained and happy. In order to keep your dog busy and happy do your dog a favor and gift him a dog agility tunnel.

The Tunnel

The agility tunnel is part of a course where the dog has to go through obstacles. They are not offered treats as rewards but rather follow the voice of their owner. Many tunnels are around two feet in diameter and can be anywhere from 10 to 20 feet in length. The tunnel is made from a flexible material that will not harm the dog at all. The tunnel can be straight or it can have a number of curves. The dog will enjoy running through the tunnel and will be happy to see its owner at the end of it.

Natural Instincts

By nature dogs are natural hunter. They like to be able to chase their pray while avoid barriers. They need to squeeze though buses and go over and under things in order to get to what they are chasing. The faster the dog is able to run the better the chance they have of catching their pray. The tunnel will provide a similar experience. It will help mimic this chase and the dog has to go through the tunnel in order to succeed. The tunnel will help give the dog the feel of the chance and will allow for some exercise as well. Dogs need to be able to run and the tunnel will for this experience.

Health Benefits

The agility tunnel will help improve the cardiovascular health of the dog. This is a big plus for a dog of any age. The muscles and the bones will also strengthen when the dog is running through this tunnel. It will also help keep the dog sharp as they age. A healthy dog is more likely to live longer and will be happy as well.

Improve Communication

When the dog enters the tunnel for the first time they may be unsure what to do. They are going to rely on their owner for the guidance and the advice that they need. They will need to follow their owners voice for direction. This will improve their ability to follow directions and listen to their owner. The dog needs to be attentive and responsive to the directions that they are being given. All of this training can be done with just the agility tunnel.
These are some of the benefits for purchasing an agility tunnel for your dog. The dog will be able to take their natural hunting instinct and turn it into play behavior. The dog will be happy and healthy. This will allow the dog to live and longer and more fulfilled life.