Enjoying and Conserving the Beach: Things You Should Stop Doing at the Beach

There are a lot of fun things to do at the beach such enjoying a picnic, playing beach volleyball, read books, listen to music and unwind, take pictures, run at the shore while the little waves wash over your feet, and leisurely stroll along the shore while waiting for the beautiful sunrise or sunset; in fact at Seaside Planet, you’ll find tons of travel destination that has gorgeous beaches where you can enjoy all of those things. But did you know that there are things that you shouldn’t be doing at the beach that you probably and unconsciously doing right now?


While there are a lot of beaches around the world that is dangerous to be at, there are also beautiful beaches that are slowly being ruined and were ruined by humans – that’s a fact that no one should ignore.

If you are one of many individuals who love beaches and wanted to go back to the same places again whenever you have time, you should also be concerned about conserving the beaches by stop doing these following practices at the beach:

  • Throwing trash anywhere

It is convenient to use plastic or paper cups, plastic spoon or fork, plastic bottled drinks, and more; however, there are a lot of consequences of using this when picnicking at the beach than you can imagine. According to the National Geographic Society – a global non-profit organization that is committed to protecting the earth – there are 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris in the ocean, while 269,000 ton that floats on the ocean surfaces and that includes the beaches.

The alarming amount of non-decomposable materials, especially the plastic materials have been ruining the ocean, the sea, the beaches, and all living things in it. Did you know that 100,000 marine creatures die each year because of plastic entanglement?

If you want to enjoy clean air and water at the beach area, you should avoid throwing trash anywhere, especially plastics. Instead, if you have time, try encouraging your friends or family to gather some trash within the beach area, not for popularity’s sake at social media but because you care.

If it is unavoidable that you need to bring the disposable items, bring a trash bag with you and never leave a trace that you were there, let alone animals do that – like the turtles or the crabs.

  • Burying diapers on the sand

You may not believe this but some stubborn people bury diapers on the sand and not caring if there are people who are watching them. If you have a child that still wears a diaper, have some conscience to throw these types of garbage at the right place or bring it with you until you find the right place to throw it.

  • Stop smoking

While second-hand smoking can kill just anyone, you should avoid smoking at the beach, especially when you make the beach as your ashtray. Remember that cigarette butts do not biodegrade in the sand and it takes 10 years to decompose in the water, which eventually may trickle its toxic chemicals into the water. Sure you just lighted 3-4 cigarettes at the beach but if you gather them all together, you’ll find approximately 2.4 million of them at the beach, according to the research.

Final Thoughts

If you love the beach, do not just think about yourself, think about the way it loves its visitors each day because there are instances that the ocean has had enough and plays evil to revenge itself from those who destroy it.