Everything that Makes Lynxmotion Phoenix 3DOF Hexapod a Great Robotic Kit

Hexapod Spider robot kits are the most common Arduino-based robots. But the charm of these robots centers on its design.


Hexapod spider robots are quite fun. Their unique shape makes it more interesting and enjoyable to learn.

The Lynxmotion hexapod spider robot kit is unlike the standard version of these robot types. Do you want to know why?

Below is a detailed review that you could check here to find out more about Lynxmotion Hexapod Spider Robot Kit.

Who is Lynxmotion?

Before anything else, here is a short background on the manufacturer.

Lynxmotion has been around since 1995. It is founded by Jim Frye (known as The Robot Guy) because of his fascination with robotics technology.

Since the beginning of this company, Lynxmotion has already produced several robot kits around the globe. Each one of these models come in different design to meet the expectations and preferences of robotic professionals and enthusiast. The goal of Lynxmotion is to transform your imaginations by building it into real physical objects using technology.

In 2003, RobotShop Distribution Inc. acquired Lynxmotion. They are the reason why Lynxmotion robotic kits circulate the globe today.

Zooming In the Features of Phonex 3DOF by Lynxmotion

The Phonex 3DOF is one of Lynxmotion’s popular hexapod spider robot kits. This model earned its name for being unique and durable. It is the only hexapod spider robot kit with articulate limbs and body design in the market.

This product of Lynxmotion has many to offer. Below is a summary of the item’s specifications to help you learn more about it.

#1 Durable Frame and Main Body

Phoenix 3DOF is one of the most sturdy hexapod spider models in the market. It came from high-grade materials that can withstand fall and impact. It also features servo erector set brackets and quality aluminum that adds more durability and strength to the model.

With such construction, this version is applicable for both outdoor and indoor use. Likewise, it is a good starter kit for beginners and a practice model for aspiring professionals in robotics.

#2 DOF Technology

This model features a DOF technology. DOF stands for the Degree of Freedom; hence, this model is capable of moving around in any direction. This unique feature of Phoenix 3DOF is one of the reasons why it is a popular option today.

#3 Lightweight

Though the model came from high-grade materials and incredibly tough, it is completely lightweight. The robot is easy to carry around, even for kids.

#4 Microcontroller

Robot kits usually come with remote control. But this model features a BotBoarduino microcontroller. This controller allows you to set the robot’s speed, Omni-directional walking range, and functionality.

Likewise, the model has an SSC-32 servo controller with 6 inches servo extender cable. This feature allows you maximum control over the robot.

#5 Price

Despite the impressive qualities of Lynxmotion Phoenix 3DOF, the model is quite affordable. It is a great choice for students who want to get started with robotic technology. Also, it is a good buy for professionals and enthusiasts.

Indeed, Lynxmotion’s model is a good robotic kit investment. But if you are looking for other options, go to this source. It’ll help you find the leading robotic kits this year.