Facial Steamer: How to Get Most Out of It

Facial steamers are now getting a lot of recognition due to their skincare benefits. But did you know that it can do a lot better than opening the pores well and loosening the dirt and extra oil out of the pores? How? Check this post to find out.


Facial steamers are a great addition to skincare products. It helps open the pores well and loosen the extra oil and dirt out of the pores; a good product for face detox.

Also, facial steamers can:

  • Help moisturize the skin.
  • Encourage blood circulation.
  • Increase collagen production.

And while it can do those, facial steamers can do better through the following methods:

 #1: Adding essential oil 

If your facial steamer is also designed to use essential oil, you should consider using that option. Several essential oils provide good skincare, including the following:

  • Lavender essential oil – It helps reduce acne by eradicating the bacteria and dirt out of the pores. Also, it contains depigmenting effects, which can eliminate skin pigmentation, which is a common sign of skin aging.
  • Chamomile essential oil – While chamomile has calming effects, it is known for its antioxidant properties.
  • Eucalyptus essential oil – Eucalyptus plant contains pain-relieving properties, which helps relieve itchiness and painful skin rashes.
  • Rose essential oil – Some roses promote skin hydration, skin cell turnover, clear acne, and reduce the signs of skin aging.

There are more essential oils out there that can be used for facial steaming; all you need to do is check on them.

 #2: Using a facial mask while on a facial steamer

To experience spa-like facial care, why not use facial masks while running your facial steamer on. Steamers, especially nano-ionic steamers, open the pores well and promote blood circulation. So, with well-opened pores and good blood circulation within the facial skin, the nutrients from the facial masks are effectively absorbed inside the skin. As a result, your facial skin will look much healthier and plumper.

 #3: Using skincare products after facial steaming

Since facial steamers help open the pores; so, it is smart to apply skincare products, such as moisturizers or serum. These products contain minerals that will help your skin look healthier and younger.

 #4: Use the facial steamer accordingly

While facial steamers have several skin benefits, there are side effects too. According to the experts, facial steaming can also harm, especially when improperly used. It can cause skin irritation, inflammation, and burn.

Is there a proper way to use a facial steamer?

Generally, there are no systematic ways how to use the facial steamer because several of them are uniquely designed. However, it is highly advised that facial steaming should not be done for more than 15 minutes. Also, steaming should be done every once or twice a week.

Moreover, do not forget to read the manufacturer’s instructions on how to use the device before you use it.

 #5: Use a quality facial steamer

To get the most out of the facial steamer, make sure to choose a quality-built facial steamer.