Financial Breaks for Those Who Need Them the Most

Financial Breaks for Those Who Need Them the Most

Only 10% of the entire America’s population is left-handed, and therefore left-handed people belong to minority group. Any student who is left handed becomes automatically eligible for left-handed scholarships to pursue higher education.  As we all know that higher education is quite expensive, and requires huge investment, these scholarships could take some weight off your shoulder.

If you’re a left-handed student, then you may get some helpful scholarships designed for left-handed students only, and reduce your financial burden. Following are some famous left-handed scholarships:

Juniata College Scholarships for Left-handed

Left-handed people are preferred in many sports, but still, there are many organizations hesitate from hiring them. Juniata College helps such students and provides financial support through Fredrick and Mary F. Buckley program. Students can use this scholarship to pay their tuition fee. The scholarship amount ranges from $1,000 to $5,000, which could be great help in reducing your financial burden. Anyone, junior, senior or sophomores who are enrolled in the Fredrick and Mary F. Buckley program can apply for left-handed scholarship.

The college selects left-handed students based on their academic records. Apparently, students with great academic records are more likely to get selected in the process.  Additionally, students may need to pass some standards set by the authorities to scrutinize the applicants. To apply for Juniata College Scholarship, your grade should be less than 3.39. As said before, left-handed students with good academics have more chances to win this scholarship. Once you prove that you have good academic records, and pass all set standards, you may receive scholarship amount.

To win the Juniata College Scholarship, you need to be more than a left-hander. Your performance in academics, your family income, and athletic abilities will also contribute to increase or decrease your chances of winning the scholarship. It is worth stating here that the scholarship has a time frame, and all interested left-handed students ought to submit your application before the deadline.

ADHD Scholarships for Students with Learning Disability

Students with learning disability are also granted with ADHD scholarships. Students with learning disability face problem with concentration, problem-solving, and impulse control difficult, but amongst all, they face problem with paying their post-secondary education.

One in every 10 students faces ADHD, and for such students, reaching college is a major achievement as most of them drop schools due to learning difficulties. The National Research Center on ADHD recommends such students to contact the Student Disability support Office in their college to check if they offer the necessary support for such students with learning disabilities. Some federal grant programs such as The Federal Pell Grant and The Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grant helps students with ADHD and other learning disabilities. Other ADHD scholarship includes Disabled persons, Inc, The Anne Ford Scholarship, The Allegra Ford Thomas Scholarship, The Incight Scholarship, the Novotni Scholarship fund and many more.

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