Finding Your Soulmate Within Your Soul

Soulmate 5There must have been a time you came across somebody you felt an immediate connection with. Being with this person felt natural and you had no problem sharing your secrets. You probably will have the feeling that you and that person had met some time in the past. If you have had an experience like this, then that someone might have been your soul mate. Some individuals spend their whole lives searching for their soul mate. The lucky ones discover theirs and they live together for the remainder of their lives. It can be really exciting to find your soul mate while losing one can get you demoralized. But how can you decipher if an individual is your soul mate? As you go through life, you will most likely come across many people who you feel attracted to. Is that an indication that all these people are your soul mates or can that be described as mere infatuation? Before answering these questions, it is important that you understand the meaning of soul mate.

Who is a Soul mate?

Someone who is your soul mate can be described as your ideal partner. He or she is someone you deeply connect with. When you are with this person, you feel like you have found true love. Different individuals have different beliefs regarding a soul mate. While some believe a soul mate is someone they spent their time with in another life, others are of the opinion that one’s soul mate is a part of their soul that resides in another individual. This is why you may spend your entire life searching for that other half. Irrespective of what you believe, you should be aware that a soul mate is not merely about physical attraction. It runs deep and has the effect of making you feel more complete.

Spotting Fake Friends

Here are some tips on how to spot fake friends.

  1. Auditory: Short, curt, distant and agitated tones (you can tell they have something to say but aren’t saying it. The reason for this is that their conscience is conflicted, their subconscious knows they are wrong, but their pride is searching for an excuse to oppose you. Until they find the excuse, they lay in waiting like a viper coiled on a limb)
  2. Visual: Beady, shifty eyes. For the same reasons listed above, their eyes become beady and almost animal-like. They begin accessing their memory (lower left) where they have ‘created’ past justifications of disliking/betraying you,
    they can also access theirimagination(right or upper right) to reach and create.
  3. Kinesthetic: Body language and Energy. They begin to appear shifty and uncomfortable around you. You can tell they’re preoccupied. You’ll start to detect a certain lack of natural comfort.
  4. Breathing: their breathing may become noticeable, and a very slight sheen of sweat on the skin. They may pause, look down and take a breath, before speaking to you, as if they’re subconsciously trying to ‘get ready’ to tell you something.