Five Amazing Benefits of Handheld Bidet Sprayer

You have probably heard about handheld bidet spray. This device has clearly made a good impression in terms of hygiene and wellness. Handheld bidets are introduced as an alternative to toilet papers that most people are used to. Moreover, it has become a better option rather can conventional toilet papers due to functions, efficiency, and affordability of this tool.


But the real question is why you should get a handheld bidet sprayer? What can you benefit from this cleaning device?

If you want to get a serious look at this portable bidet sprayer, here is a list of wonderful benefits of installing this bathroom device.

No Wipe, No Touch

Of course, the toilet and human waste are composed of countless of microbes. In fact, most diseases come from microorganisms. A handheld bidet spray jets of water to clean yourself. Hence, using handheld bidet spray means no touching in cleaning yourself after doing your business in the toilet.

Anti-bacterial Features

One amazing benefit of using handheld bidet is its anti-bacterial feature. This technology helps in killing microorganisms present in the toilet. Therefore, it keeps your bathroom clean, hygienic and healthy for human use. Also, most handheld bidets in the market today has a self-sterilizing technology. Thus, you don’t have to worry whether the bidet spray is still good to use or not.

FDA Approved Medical Equipment

High-quality, durable and functional handheld bidet sprays are labelled by the FDA as a medical equipment. Some handheld bidets are used to help persons with disabilities and elders to clean themselves without assistance. Take note of the word, “some”. Not all handheld bidet sprayers are designed for this function. You have to search for specific brands in the market if you are planning to purchase one for your loved ones. You have to consult first reliable sources on the web to guide you in searching for a handheld bidet for this particular use.

Skin Care 

There are individuals who get rashes and skin irritation by using toilet papers. If you are one of this people, using a handheld bidet spray is a great solution to your problem. Your skin stays smooth and rashes free since you will never touch yourself or use toilet paper. For this reason, handheld bidets are also good for children with highly sensitive skin.


Thousands of trees are cut down just to produce toilet papers. According to reports, 270 thousand trees are cut down globally to manufacture and supply toilet papers. By using a handheld bidet spray, you can help in minimizing the consumption of toilet papers. In turn, you can support in reducing the number of trees cut down for toilet paper manufacturing.

The above benefits of using handheld bidet spray are just some of what it can offer. There’s a lot more to this cleaning device that you must know. Furthermore, if you are planning to purchase one for your home, consult first the experts for guidance. Take note that there are several brands of this product on the web. Thus, seeking for a quality handheld befit can be challenging. You will need a reliable buying guideline to assist you.