Five Qualities of the Best Home Theater System

When talking about home entertainment, most people think of huge movie-like screens and sleek speaker surrounds. Although a large high-definition theater screen makes a difference in the performance of the whole unit, yet you will also need high-quality speakers to complete the package.


High definition visual display and quality theater sounds are two significant qualities that you have to check when browsing for a home theater system. But of course, the quality of the best home theater does not stop there. Then, what should you look for when buying a home theater system? Here are some tips worth reading to help find the best home theater surround system.

Support System

Not all home theater units are compatible with both old and new speaker surrounds. If you currently have an older speaker surrounds, make sure to find a home theater system that matches with it. However, there are some home theater systems in the market that supports all type of speakers whether old or latest versions. For instance, the Onkyo THX 7.1 channel home theater system is compatible with Dolby Atmos, DTS, and older systems. Therefore, this home theater will work even with old speakers at your home.

Connection Options

Connectivity is another feature you have to consider in buying a home theater system. Some units have wiring system whereas others use a wireless connection. Now, there are benefits and drawbacks whether you choose a wired or wireless home theater. Wired home entertainment units are easy to install and manage. However, it requires wire management to keep it safe and avoid accidents. On the other hand, wireless home theater surrounds is your best solution if don’t like clutter. Moreover, the wireless connection is more advanced and convenient. Aside from this, do not forget to check other connectivity options of the unit. See whether the unit allows HDMI, HDR, DHCP and USB connectivity.


Searching for a home theater with quality sound is difficult. Most speakers produce scratchy background noises and statics, especially in maximized volume. The trick to finding a theater-quality sound speaker is to identify its integrated system. You can never go wrong on a home theater with THX integrated system or a VLSC. This technology improves the speaker’s sound-producing quality audios.


Another important reminder when choosing a home theater is to check the subwoofer of the unit. A high-performing subwoofer produces clear bass sound. One example of a home theater unit with impressive subwoofer is Nakamichi Shockwave. This theater system features a wireless subwoofer with down-firing technology that allows the speaker to produce rich bass sound up to 35Hz. A theater unit with excellent subwoofer does not create noisy and broken bass.


Entertainment units vary in sizes. Therefore, a certain brand of home theater system might not be suitable with the space you have. Thus, make sure to know first available space you have before buying a home theater unit. After doing so, look for home theater systems that match with your space.

There’s more you have to know when it comes to handpicking home theater systems. You can check out this site for additional details and guidelines.