Guidelines on Tripping with Golden Teacher Mushrooms

Golden Teacher magic mushroom is one of the popular psychedelic mushrooms due to their recognizable psychedelic experience and potency. But how do you trip with Golden Teacher magic mushroom?

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What is Golden Teacher?

Golden Teacher magic mushrooms or GT shrooms is a strain ofPsilocybeCubensis mushroom. It contains 0.63 percent of psilocybin, an active psychedelic compound; it is considered a mild shroom, ideal for beginners or casual psychonauts that can’t handle highly potent shrooms.

Describing Golden Teacher

Golden Teacher magic mushroom lives its name; its cap is ashy red or cinnamon color with a splash of yellow or golden shade at the center, making the shroom look gold. The shroom’s cap is slightly curved and can widen 5 – 8 cm in diameter; larger compared to other strains of psilocybecubensis.

The shroom’s stipe is hollow and thicker towards the base and gills vary from whitish to purple-brown.

How do you take Golden Teacher magic mushroom?

Although GT’s potency is mild, it should be consumed according to the recommendation. Technically, all psychedelic mushrooms should be micro-dosed to have a safe psychedelic tripping experience, so make sure to trip with the proper dose.

Golden Teacher Microdosing

  • Dried Golden Teacher magic mushroom – For starters, it is advised to consume 1 to 2.5 grams. Meanwhile, casual users who are deemed to consume larger doses can consume 3.5 to 5 grams of dried shrooms.
  • Fresh Golden Teacher magic mushroom – Since fresh shrooms contain around 90 percent of water, it has different dosage compared to dried shrooms. For starters, they can consume 10 grams of fresh GT shrooms. Meanwhile, for wilder trips, casual psychonauts may consume 35 to 50 grams of fresh shrooms, which can be increased by 10 grams.

Guidelines on Tripping with Golden Teacher Mushrooms

To experience a safe and meaningful trip, here are a few guidelines on tripping with Golden Teacher:

  • For first-time trippers, you need to consult a doctor or therapist with a specialization in Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy to ensure safe tripping. You need to consume the right mushroom and the right dosage.
  • Trip with someone who can watch over you to help you outif an event of an emergency.
  • Trippers should have enough sleep before the tripping schedule.
  • Eat the right food and drink enough water.
  • Trip according to the recommended shroom dose to avoid experiencing a “bad acid trip”. Bad trips include:
    • Experiencing time standing still.
    • Experiencing negative thoughts.
    • Interpreting events around you negatively.
    • Experiencing extreme paranoia.
    • Experiencing extreme and sudden mood swings.
    • Experiencing negative hallucinations, including sensations, sounds, or sights
  • Listen to relaxing music during tripping
  • Do not trip if intoxicated with alcohol or other drugs.
  • Think positively before tripping.
  • If you will experience a bad acid trip, try to relax.
  • Read about Golden Teacher mushrooms before considering undergoing psychedelic mushroom tripping.

Final Thoughts

Are you considering tripping with Golden Teacher magic mushrooms? Consult your nearest therapist or doctor that can assist you. Do not self-trip; self-tripping can be life-threatening, especially when you consume the wrong type of mushroom and the wrong dose.