Halogen Headlight Lamps: Top PROS and CONS

Choosing one type of bulb for your car can be confusing since there are several options to choose from. But one of the most popular headlights today is halogen. Is it a good option? Are there drawbacks?

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What is a halogen headlight?

Halogen headlight is a type of incandescent light. It consists of a thin tungsten filament and is surrounded by halogen gas inside the glass filament capsule, which is exceptionally resistant to high temperatures.

Pros and Cons of Using Halogen Headlight Lamps

You are probably wondering why halogen headlight lamps are popular and why some car owners are against using them. Well, there are several factors why some consider using halogen bulbs over other bulbs, and vice-versa.

Here are the pros and cons to understand it better:


  • Better lighting (bright light)

One of the reasons why several car owners prefer halogen headlight bulbs is because of their clear, crisp light that provides better lighting.

Also, you may choose halogen headlights with a warm glow with a yellowish cast, compared with LEDs with blue shade lighting.

  • Compact size

Most halogen headlight bulbs are small and compact with varying shapes. Because of its size and shape, it is a good option for low-profile and smaller lighting fixtures.

  • Optics

Halogen headlight bulbs are designed with various reflectors that are excellent for spotlighting.

  • Cheaper

Another good thing about halogen headlights is their price. These bulbs are cheaper than LEDs.

  • Does not blind other motorists

Despite being bright, halogen headlight lamps or bulbs do not produce too much light that can blind other drivers while on the road.

  • Longer lifespan

Surprisingly, halogen headlights have a longer lifespan than traditional bulbs. It can withstand a year or more of usual usage compared to other bulbs.


  • Runs hot

Even though made with glass filament capsules, the halogen headlight bulbs work hotter than other headlight bulbs. For this reason, these bulbs aren’t ideal for interior lighting.

  • Does not live to perform

Despite its long lifespan and brighter illumination, halogen headlights sometimes do not live to perform well in the long run.

  • Not all vehicles are built to be used with halogen headlight lamps

If you want halogen headlight bulbs for your new vehicle you need to check if it is compatible with halogen bulb replacement because not all modern or old vehicles are built to be replaced with a halogen bulb.

Final Thoughts

Halogen headlight bulbs have several benefits and do not have too many negatives. They offer brighter and crisp illumination, they are cheaper, they have longer hours of usage, and does not blind other motorists on the road, unlike other bulbs do.

However, despite its advantages, you can’t ignore that it also has disadvantages such as not performing too best in the long run and running hot if overused. If you are still confused about whether to use it or not, try reading reliable customer reviews. Is it worth your money? Can it perform according to your automobile lighting needs? What brand of halogen headlight will live up to your expectation?