How Can Dates Go?

No matter what cultural background one may have come from, dating is as fundamental as looking for food to survive. The analogy may be a bit funny or revolting, depending on your point of view, but most people know that, before a person walks down the aisle with his or her one true love, that person will need to go on dates to get to know the other person.


If you’re having problems in dating, or in love life in general, you’re not alone; a lot of people are in a similar situation, and there are also people who are willing to help you out. In helping out those who are currently dating, or those who just wants some good and funny stuff content on dating, Date & Simple offers a great post to read and ponder about and a lot more on dating tips with different kinds of partners and reviews.

Stages of dating

Date & Simple says that there are four bases, or stages, in dating. It may be used as a reference if you’re new to dating or wants to go back to dating. It’s a bit funny to read too! Click to read more about their bases of dating here at

For some reason, the terms used by Date & Simple applied on dating and love-making are all derived from baseball; apparently, this is what American teen lingo uses. Base, in this context, refers to intimate sexual activities that a couple might engage in during the course of dating. Date & Simple states that there are four bases to dating:

  1. The first base involves a lot of kissing, particularly French kissing. It is harmless and emotional, so to say. This is said to happen on the first or second date. While this is seen as a way to see if there is a spark between you and your date.
  2. The second base still has hot kissing, but it now has touching on the torso, including the chest and the breasts. This is preferably done when the date takes place in a private setting.
  3. The third base now involves oral sex; penetrative sex is not yet in sight. This is basically the second base, only that it now involves touching below the waist.
  4. The fourth base, which some also call the home run, is seen as the finale, where the dating couple finally has sex. In this base, losing one’s virginity is a strong possibility.

The first thing that you may notice about this is that Date & Simple’s list was made from a liberal Western perspective; in conservative societies, even getting a kiss on the first few dates would already be seen as a feat by some people. If you live in one, getting a kiss and getting laid a handful of dates later would make you a lucky person.

Other baseball slang

It’s not just base, but there are also other baseball terms in use, especially by American teens, that are employed in the dating. For one, there is pitching, referring to a man doing anal sex. Strikeout refers to an unsuccessful attempt in doing a base. Catching refers to a man getting anal sex, oddly. Switch-hitter is a bisexual, while playing for the other team means that one is a member of the LGBTQ community.

In the end, you have to remember that there is no perfect walkthrough when starting a date and getting into a good and lasting relationship. You can consult with loads of love gurus and instructions from across the Internet; but when it comes to dating, you’re on your own! Date & Simple’s guide is a reflection of American teenage viewpoints on sexual activities, and may not be agreeable to you one hundred percent of the time; your idea of a dating process may be a lot more dragging. But it is fun to read nonetheless. The important thing is you are able to have fun and not get into trouble. Good luck and have fun!