How Should You Treat Your Dry Eyes?

There are different ways that can be used to treat the dryness in your eyes. First you need to identify the problem then look for suitable ways to treat the dryness. You can use eye drops medicine that are prescribed by your doctor or get over counter medicines.

Identify the critical issues surrounding your eyes

In choosing the best eye drops for your eyes, you need to know the issues that surround your eyes. When dry eye occurs, itchiness, swelling, poor vision and redness may occur. These are the critical conditions that first inform you that your eyes have a drying effect problem. You may feel inflammation around the eye surface. After identifying the problem, you can seek for medical attention.

Treating dry eye with eye drops

The best way to relieve pains is by using artificial tears, ointments and eye drops that are suitable for mild to moderate dryness. They help to replace the tears using droplets from their bottles. These bottles are designed to give the best and required measures of drops in your eyes. They are available either on a prescription basis or over the counter basis.

Prescribed medicinal

 They are given to you after you have gone to the hospital and an examination is done to determine the type of medicine to use. This happens when you have adverse reactions from your eyes and you already had tried out other cure methods but failed. This method can be expensive and time consuming considering getting medicine direct from a pharmacy.

Though it is considered an expensive way, it is safer and the best solution. You get the right type of medicine for your ailment condition. Here there is no guessing of diseases but you are thoroughly checked to give an accurate way of treatment.

Over the counter eye drops

It is also good but not for severe cases. It helps to lubricate your eyes with artificial tears for a short term relieve. Most help to supplement tears with elements that are already in your eyes. They help you to feel comfortable as long as the condition is not advanced.

This type of medicine is used for temporary issues like strain from overusing your computer or even dealing with excessive tiredness. They are available in different ingredients and viscosities. They are generally watery and light with capability of giving you immediate relief. They are quick to get them and cheap than the prescribed ones.

The negative effect of over counter eye drops

They are given to you without any examination done in your eyes. You can get the wrong medicine to treat the wrong ailment. You may think you are healed but it may later bring complications from a delayed and getting correct medication. It can be expensive to reverse a certain medication so as the prescribed one can work on you.


Prescribed medication is considered expensive and time consuming when you consider it with the over counter medication. It is better to go with a safer way of medication regarded as expensive by the society than the counter way. The over counter method is good but not for serious cases.