How to Prevent Teeth Grinding in Pets

Bruxism in DogsTeeth grinding is not just something that happens in humans. Both dogs and cats have the habit of grinding their teeth while they sleep. While this is more common in dogs, cats occasionally experience this disorder as well. It has the ability to cause more dental problems for your pet which could lead to more health problems as well. The good news is there are ways that you can prevent this from happening and put a stop to it if your pet has already made it a habit.

Bruxism in Dogs

Dogs who grind their teeth need to see a veterinarian right away to prevent any further wearing down of their tooth enamel that can lead to tooth infections, painful teeth, and fractures. More often than not your dog makes teeth grinding a habit due to stress and anxiety. The best way to treat bruxism in dogs is to prescribe them with an anti-anxiety medication that will keep their anxious feelings down to a minimum which will prevent them from grinding their teeth. Sometimes when a dog grinds their teeth it is for other reasons.

Sometimes dogs who have bruxism grind their teeth because they have an issue with jaw alignment. It is important that you take your dog to a vet so they can perform a check up on their teeth, mouth, and gums. Bruxism can cause unnecessary pain in your dog so if you suspect he may be grinding his teeth it is important to get him seen right away.

Bruxism in Cats

If your cat is grinding his/her teeth it may be due to a lesion, abscess, or other dental-related problem. Just like humans, cats can get diseases such as TMJ that will cause them to grind their teeth regularly. Teeth grinding in cats can even be caused by stomach conditions such as pancreatitis or inflammatory bowel disease. Vets have even stated that low potassium levels can also be a cause for bruxism in your pet. Your cat could even be going through renal failure, as serious as that may sound. It isn’t always that serious but it is possible. So it is important that you take your cat to the vet right away so they can have a thorough check up performed. This will rule out all of the bad possibilities and help them to be treated quickly and effectively.


Regardless of the type of pet you have it is important that if you suspect they are grinding their teeth then to take them to the vet right away. It is best not to predict what is wrong but to have it diagnosed immediately before it turns into something more serious and causes your pet further health problems.