How to Raise a Healthy Puppy

3The dog is undeniably man’s best friend. They give companionship like no other human could match. They make you their world. All their life revolves around serving their master. But they are more than servants, more than pets. They are friends, they are family. They are there when no else is. They devote their entire time to you. You don’t have to beg for their attention because every inch of it is dedicated to you. Through thick and thin, dogs will remain by your side; they will remain loyal to you. Dogs as pets are popular not only because of the tricks one could teach them but because also of the love and affection they give which you need not ask from them.


To have one as a pet is a life-changing decision one would make. There are several ways to own a dog. You could adopt a puppy from an animal shelter, buy one sold by your friends, or adopt a homeless stray dog. The origin of your pup is immaterial, but how you raise your dog matters the most. Raising a dog is never easy; it’s like raising your own baby. Puppies need nursing and care like a newly delivered baby. Grownups on the other hand also need some care like toddlers. There are plenty of things you have to prepare for. You have to prepare yourself for the responsibility you’ve taken. You have to have a good and decent shelter for them. It could be inside your own house or create one for them. You have to feed them; sometimes you have to do it the way mothers breastfeed their babies. You have to be careful of the food they eat.


If you want to be a good responsible parent to a dog, read about how to raise a healthy puppy on the internet. There are loads of information to take note of which could enlighten us. There are plenty of sources of information on how to become a good pet raiser and dog trainer. There are TV programs, books, magazines, blog posts, and even videos from which we could learn a lot from. Taking care of a dog should not be perceived as a responsibility or a burden that consumes our time and energy. It is not a mere household chore. Taking care of a dog should be fun. Feeding them must be something we look forward to. It must be something we love to do simply because we love them.

Sometimes, we take our pets for granted. We often neglect them and put them on the last list of priorities. But we must remember, that while they are on the lesser important part of the list, to them, we are the only ones on the list. We are not their priorities because there is no list to speak of. There are no options, no choices for them. We are their sole family, their only source of love and care in this world.