How to Thrill Your Kids With Vtech’s Smart Wheels Train Sets


16When shopping for children toys, it is always good if you buy the ones that will entertain them. For instance, when shopping for train sets, the Maria set is a good idea. As a parent, it is always good that you find time to play with your kids. In our blog post, we are going to tell you how to thrill your kids with Vtech’s smart wheels train sets.

Help them build different configurations

While children can be imaginative, it can be more exciting when you assist them to create different shapes. For your information, kids find it funny when their parents engage in their play activities. Show them the different ways to build the configuration and let them do it without your help.

Commend their creativity

Children like it when they are praised. Ensure you compliment them whenever they create the configurations. This is one way of making them have fun when playing with train sets even if they do not have the moods. Show them that you like the tracks they build up. You will soon realize they want to play with you every minute.

Help them understand the phrases

We all know that children are inquisitive and love learning new things. Some of the Vtech’s smart wheels train sets say different phrases. If your kids do not understand the sentences, they will find it entertaining if you explain to them the meaning. Children get excited when they learn new words and their meanings. By doing this, you will make every playtime an exciting moment for them. Having understood the phrases and together with the cute sounds, kids find it interesting and always look forward to playing with the train sets.

Sing along

Music at all times is breaks monotony. The Smart wheel vtech train set is one that will break the monotony and give your children a playing mood. If the train set emits some music, sing along with the children. This is also one way of helping your child to identify her singing talent. They learn to sing and hit high notes just as the music goes. If you have one who has difficulty memorizing the Alphabets, some train sets teach specific letters such as T and F. This can also help them commit the words to memory.


If you have the mountain adventure train set, pretend to be climbing a hill. Make them understand that climbing a hill is not the same as working on the flat ground. Make it practical so that they can comprehend as the train moves on the tracks and up the hill. Tell your child to go along with the train.

Our verdict

It is evident that the best way to make your child have fun with Vtech’s smart wheels train sets is to play with them. If you have been leaving your child to play alone even when you are free, your child is missing a lot of fun. Give your child an exciting moment using these excellent tips.