How to Use a Crossbow Scope

1The challenge in using a crossbow scope is sighting for your target. Amateurs would often ask regarding the use of the lens inside the scope. They wonder how to sight inside the crossbow and as to how far must the distance be before they start to sight for their prey. Owning a crossbow scope for the first time can be overwhelming. But the truth is, it easier to use than you expected. As long as you execute its operation correctly then there must be no issue, regardless if you are a pro or not. And setting the brand new scope right will give you the advantage when sighting your target.

However, know that some scopes just don’t give you the right sight, regardless of what you do. Stay away from these types of products. Reading their reviews before buying them will be of great help. When checking for crossbow scopes, for instance, you can check’s crossbow scope ratings. This way, you would know if the product is selling well in the market. And if it does then users will surely give it a high rating.

Before heading your way to the hunting field, be sure that you have the following:

  • Crossbow with mounted scope
  • Scope’s instruction manual
  • Screwdriver ( in case you need to adjust the scope’s elevation and windage
  • Spotting scope or binoculars

Here are the steps on how to sight the crossbow:

  • Position 20 yards from your target.
  • Cock the crossbow with the use of a crank aid or rope.
  • Seat an arrow on your crossbow’s flight rail.
  • With the use of your finger, quickly squeeze the trigger. Moving your arms can also affect its accuracy.

Once the sighting is done, slowly approach your target while using a spotting scope or binoculars. Once you check the paper, you will know if the arrow gets to the paper. If it failed to do so, you have to repeat boring your crossbow again. Simply face the flight rail down and make sure that it aligns with the bull’s eye. This makes it easier for you to adjust elevation as well as windage until you get close to the bull’s eye.

Here’s how to adjust elevation and windage

Your scope’s windage and elevation have to be adjusted. This will depend on how far off-center are your shots. To do this, do the following steps:

  • Go to your set target then estimate how many inches are needed so all arrows will move to the bull’s eye. Hence for a shortage one low and two left, you have to adjust your scope going to the rightward direction.
  • Get your arrow and put it back to your crossbow.
  • Remove the scope’s protective caps found on the scope’s adjustment knobs and follow the instruction on the user’s manual on how to adjust the scope’s windage and elevation.

Other things you need to learn to include firing another salvo, group check and calibrating the compensation reticles range. Always remember to find the scope that is right for you before making the final purchasing decision.