Is It Possible to Naturally Increase Testosterone?

Testosterone is responsible for developing bone density and muscle mass. But that is not all it can do because aside from giving you a masculine body, it also helps you achieve good health. Low testosterone levels can take a toll on both men and women’s health. You might experience osteoporosis, obesity, low sex drive, and an increased risk of depression.


Males who are experiencing a decreased level of testosterone can have dementia, depression, and an increased risk of heart disease. While in females, they can experience weight gain and muscle mass loss.

Fortunately, with the progressing technology, a lot of companies are offering treatment or therapy for low T levels. The treatment comes in different sizes and types like superfoods, injections, lotions, capsules, and pharmaceutical pills. However, if you are the kind of person who would love the natural way, you can try the tips on this article.

Different Exercises That Can Increase Testosterone

  1. Avoid Intense Cardio Workouts

Did you know that cycling and other long endurance sports can lower your T levels? On the other hand, weight lifting can increase it.

According to a study, cyclists have lower levels of testosterone compared to weight lifters of the same age. Some researchers also added that the decreasing T levels on cyclists is the way they adapt to their chosen sport. If you are a cyclist and have extra muscle mass, it can surely slow you down.

With that said, if you do not want to decrease your T levels, it is best to avoid exercising on the treadmill for a long time. However, if you love participating in triathlons and marathons, then you might want to start accepting that you will have low T levels in return.

  1. Exercise Your Legs

For gym-goers, it is said that you should not skip leg day for the obvious reason that you will have an unproportioned lower and upper body. But when it comes to T levels, your body can surely benefit if you do not skip leg day.

In a study, it showed that people who only have arm training have lower testosterone compared to people who do lower body training.

Some gentlemen love focusing on bench pressing and biceps curls, but better results can be achieved if you do leg exercises like squats and lunges. Through those exercises, you can experience fat loss, higher sex drive, more energy, and leaner muscle mass.

Below is a workout plan that you can use to boost your testosterone. You can do it thrice a week for good results.

  • You should do a warm-up first before anything else. If you are a gym enthusiast, you know how important a warm-up is.
  • Do 4 sets of bench press (8 repetitions per set) and pair it with 4 sets of squats (8 repetitions each set)
  • Do 4 sets of deadlifts and pair it with 4 sets of pull-ups
  • Do 6 sets of 10-second sprints
  • After the exercises, never forget to cool-down as it is as important as the warm-up.

If these natural ways do not seem to work, then maybe it is time to try testosterone boosters. You can read articles to guide you in picking the right testosterone booster for you.