Knowing More About Percolator Bongs

3The term “percolator bongs” is not common. Hence, it is not surprising if you wonder what it means. Well, it is simply a bong contraption, a water pipe designed to cool down smoke. With this, smokers can experience a smoother hit, resulting in less coughing. Percolator Bongs have various shapes and sizes. They also come in many designs.


How it works


It started as a dome-shaped material but now, you can find them in various shapes and sizes. It works as your bong’s additional water chamber. It is also found in the bong’s tube with water inside it. It helps filter your smoke. Once you take away the smoke coming from your bong, it contacts with the water inside the bowl. And as it travels upward, the smoke contacts with the water again but this time, their interaction will occur inside the percolator.


The percolator filters and cools the smoke in 2 ways. First, the smoke cools down as it contacts the water. The greater surface area provided where the smoke passes before it reaches the water also makes the water even cooler. The pressure inside the percolator breaks down the bubbles, making them even smaller. This in return will cause a smoother hit coming from your bong, hence, causing it to cool down in the process.


How percolator affects your high


Percolators are made so smokers will find it easier to inhale the smoke. The device intends to cool down the smoke. Hence, if you find it such a challenge to hit a bong, then why not try a percolator and check how it works?


However, a lot of people wonder if percolators affect their high. Though many of them perceive this to cause increased THC absorption, one has to know that percolators don’t work this way. It does not have any effect on your high. Hence, using a percolator will not make you feel higher than using a traditional bong.


Truth is, with percolators, more THC is lost. And since THC is not water soluble, the added water in percolators will not make any difference. However, THC is lost more with the presence of the extra glass chamber. But the difference will not be obvious since it is very slight. And since percolators help smokers experience a smoother hit, it is still more preferable using it than not at all. It also helps cool down the smoke. It is placed in the shaft where the weed will be smoked from. The tip of it comes with little holes.


Using a diffuser with percolator


Another device you can add to your collection bong is the diffuser. And the smoke gets sucked into the hole before it touches the water. Because of this, the smoke does not all reach the water at once but in smaller parts. Hence, more surface area of the smoke tends to hit the water. As a result, you will experience not just a better-filtered hit but a cooler one too. Hence, if you want to have the smoothest bong ever, may as well use these two devices; the percolator and the diffuser.


After knowing that percolators are useful then now is the best time to check out some of the top rated percolator bongs.