Making Whipped Cream without Whisks and Whips

Whipped cream is a good topping for dessert, fruit servings, and also served with coffee particularly in the Viennese coffee house tradition where such serving is called Melange mit Schlagobers. You may be used to making whipped cream on a mixer or a tabletop stand. Making whipped cream may be a bit tedious but with such machines, they are a piece of cake to deal with; almost literally.


However, there can be times, for some reason, that you won’t be able to make use of your trusty machines; maybe you’re not home and do not have access to your gear, or worse, they broke down! Will this be the end of your whipped cream-making?

Improvised Means

Fortunately, Prime Shop Kitchen says that it does not have to be! A site that offers advices, tips, and guides to your kitchen appliances and other needs, Prime Shop Kitchen specializes in giving reviews on kitchen blenders and tips on what other stuff you can do with your blenders. In fact, they are suggesting that you use your blender when making whipped cream! It would be easier if you had an immersion, hand blender, or stick style, but whether or not you have, you can still end up with awesome blender-prepared whipped cream.

It is recommended that when you start putting your cream into the blender, it is cold; as well as the other ingredients that you may be thinking of adding to the mix. Start with half of the desired amount of whipped cream to be made, because the quantity will seem to double when it’s beaten because of the air pockets. Also, if you are able, make your blender bowl cold when you start; the colder the tools and the mixture, the better the result. Put the cream into the blender first; we’ll be putting the other ingredients after.

If you’re using a blender that comes with an integrated bowl in the place of an immersion blender, remove the knob on the top of the blender to make the air flow into the mixture, because the mixture for the whipped cream needs a lot of air. Try to make sure that you won’t spill any of the sweet treat! It would be the same when making it on a bowl; make sure that the bowl is deep enough to keep the mixture from spilling out. Prime Shop Kitchen also recommends that you get your kids to help you; in case of overflows and cleanups, they’ll surely help you with eager spoons and more eager sweet teeth.

When activating the blender, try to give it up to ten-second increments; you’ll want to be observant of the mixture being thrown around the blender. Every ten seconds, use a spoon to free any of the cream that may be stuck to the blender blades. Repeat until you have that gorgeous, soft whipped cream consistency.

If you’ve planned to put in those nice ingredients, which can range from coffee to sherry (adults only!), now is the time to put them into the mix. Stir them together with a large spoon and watch as you blender-made whipped cream manifests to be as good as those you make with your typical food processor or your stand mixer.

The great thing is that you now know another way to get that whipped cream that you crave for, even if you don’t have the typical appliances and tools you are used to work with, all without mixing tediously. Giving yourself a sweet reward doesn’t always have to take too much effort indeed!