Marvel’s Galactus: Who is He?

Stan Lee once viewed Galactus as one of the strongest cosmic beings in Marvel Universe, even stronger than Thanos. Who is he? And how strong is he, anyway? 

fight between Galactus and Thanos

Who is Galactus?

Galan, known as Galactus, is the sole survivor of the universe before the creation of the current universe. Galactus, originally a humanoid, was born on a planet called Taa – a paradise-like world, home of the most advanced civilization at that time.

However, after the first universe went on its final stage of collapse, it exploded and underwent the ‘Big Bang’, creating new stars and planets, over the following billion years. Meanwhile, at that time, the planet Taa and its civilization were the last to survive after the explosion where the lethal radiation killed the other planets nearby.

To save Taa, Galan, a space explorer, traveled through the cosmos to find a solution but found none. Over time, without proper action to save Taa’s civilization, the lethal radiation killed the remaining beings of the planet. Knowing the inevitable death, Galan and the remaining survivor, traveled gloriously in their spaceship to the ‘Cosmic Egg’, where the condensed pieces of it were from the dying universe. And because of the immense radiation, the passengers in Galan’s spaceship were killed, except for Galan.

The sentience of the dying first universe held in the ‘Cosmic Egg’ had saved Galan and his spaceship from tremendous heat and gravitational force coming from the Egg. Then, the sentience contacted Galan that both of them would die but will be born again. The ‘Cosmic Egg’ absorbed Galan and was reborn as Galactus.

Without exact time, the ‘Cosmic Egg’ exploded again, creating the current universe. Together with the creation of the new universe, Eternity and Death were born. Galactus, on the other hand, was hurled out from the new universe inside his recreated spaceship.

Galactus, in his starship, drifted in the space for eons, as the new life forms in the new universe.

Nascent Galactus learned how to control his vast powers. He also created a suit that will help him regulate his cosmic powers. Fast forward to the future, Galactus, to sustain his life, consumed the energies of the planets uninhibited by the sentient. However, as he can no longer find uninhabited planets, he went for energy-rich planets where new civilized races live. Because of this, Galactus became a supervillain for many races in the Marvel universe.

How strong is Galactus?

Galactus has a god-like being that feeds from the energies of the planets. He has superhuman abilities such as:

  • Forcefields
  • Telekinesis
  • Super strength or invulnerability
  • Energy projection
  • Telepathy
  • Teleportation
  • Size alteration
  • Immortality
  • Transmutation And Absorption Of Matter
  • Resurrection
  • Incredible Scientific Genius
  •  Cosmic Powers
  • Creation of Life

His super-human ability can make Thanos bow down to him. Check the fight between Galactus and Thanos, and you’ll find out why Galactus is dubbed as one of the strongest supervillains in the Marvel universe.

Is Galactus evil?

Although considered as one of the supervillains, Galactus is not truly evil. Galactus still has a moral conscience when he was Galan. However, since he became a cosmic force of nature, he has to satiate his hunger for cosmic energy by consuming energy-rich planets inhabited with civilized races – making him an enemy of different races in the Marvel universe.