My job as a real estate agent in Singapore

Happy family with agent realtor near new house.

I am a real estate agent working in Singapore. I have been working in this job for eleven years now and I still love my job. Many people are not fortunate enough to make the same statement. I believe that anyone should have a career in a profession that they love. Otherwise what kind of a hell would it be waking up every morning knowing that you are going to spend the whole day toiling in misery?

While growing up, we did not have the luxury of a comfortable life. My parents were quite poor and we had to struggle to make a living. Having six siblings did not help. The little we could afford had to be shared among very many. Being the firstborn among seven children meant that I felt a lot of the brunt since I was responsible for the rest of my siblings especially when mum and dad were not around.

While growing up, the thing that really touched me most was our living conditions. We were living in a small two roomed house since my father’s wages could not simply pay for a bigger house. Affording rent for the small house was still a struggle. I remember often times hearing my father pleading outside the door in hushed tones with the buxom landlady.

The land lady, who never failed to come around the apartments every fifth day of the month, was however kind hearted and she never once chased us out of the house. Many times she even came with some sweets for us. They were cheap sweets but they were priceless for us. Her kind heartedness plus the power she wielded over tenants in the whole flat made me admire her profession. This was what made me love the profession of real estate management.

Since being a real estate agent does not require one to have a lot of education, it was a convenient path for me to choose. I got my first shot at the age of 18 thanks again to the kind hearted land lady.

During my teens, she had once asked me what kind of job I would like to do. Without missing a beat, I had told her I wanted to be a real estate agent. When I had completed my high school education and could not go any further with my education, she had taken me under her wing and started training me for the job.

She owned a few other flats in town and she tasked me with managing some of the short term rental rooms. Managing these rooms was becoming tedious for her since the management of these rooms included constant checking up on the rooms and following up on tenants since they were short term rentals.

The good working foundation that I got from working in those short term rentals has helped me grow exponentially in my career. I am now a state-wide real estate agent in Singapore. I can help anyone get any kind of real estate in the island. I also provide real estate management services for real estate owners.