Six Reasons Why Your Video Doorbell Is Not Working

Poor quality live feed, chime failure, and not receiving notifications are common video doorbell issues. Find out how to troubleshoot your video doorbell here.

Video Doorbells

It is not always necessary to call for professional help when your video doorbell is having problems. Sometimes these issues are too simple that even you could fix it in no time. Examples of common video doorbell problems are failure to emit ringing sound, blurry video feed, delayed notifications, or not receiving notifications at all.

These problems are easy to resolve. Below is a comprehensive troubleshooting guide to help you fix your video doorbell.

#1 No Wi-Fi Connection

Remember that video doorbells depend on a Wi-Fi connection to send notifications and live feeds on your device. If the doorbell emits a sound when you ring, but you don’t receive any alerts, the problem is on your Wi-Fi connection.

Check your network if it has lost connection. Restart your Wi-Fi network and try to reconnect the doorbell to your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

#2 Poor Signal

Poor video qualities, a delayed notification, not receiving a notification, and failure to connect to live view are common problems that arise when there is poor Wi-Fi signal strength. If your doorbell has the same issues, restart your Wi-Fi network, or connect the device to another network if you have one.

#3 No Power

There are occasions when the doorbell loses its connection or it suddenly shuts off. These are symptoms of insufficient power. Also, freezing lived feed, internal doorbell not ringing correctly, and not working night vision are consequences of poor power.

For a battery-powered video doorbell, you need to check if the battery has enough power. If no, recharge the doorbell. Likewise, take note that a video doorbell’s battery life usually lasts for a maximum of 2 years. If your doorbell’s battery life is spent, replace it immediately.

Some video doorbells have different battery lifespan. You can browse around this site to learn more about the leading video doorbells and their approximate battery lifespan.

#4 Faulty Battery

If your video doorbell does not work when plugged despite being new, chances are the battery is defective. Replace the battery in your doorbell with a new one. If the doorbell still does not work, then there might be an internal issue on the device.

#5 Wiring Issues

For hardwired video doorbells, poor wiring can cause live feed freezing and night vision failure. If you have this type of video doorbell, check the device’s wiring. Make sure to ask a professional’s help when you need to fix or replace some wiring, especially when you don’t have the skill to do so.

#6 No Response from the Chime

If the doorbell shows no response at all when the ring button is pressed, check if the ring button is stuck. However, fix the button only after ensuring the audio and notifications on the device is working. Also, see if the Wi-Fi signal is strong or the device is connected to a network since this problem likewise stems from these issues.

If there is no problem with connectivity and the application, it is time you decide to replace the ring button. Call for assistance to fix the doorbell’s button and make sure to ask help to find the correct button for your doorbell.