Spray in the Shine for your Car

If you have at least half the concern needed of a car owner, you know that you’ll need to keep your car shiny and maintain its luster. After all, it’s a way to show your sense of responsibility and cleanliness! Also, a well-cleaned and maintained car will go a long way. For this task, you’ll need a wax cleaner.


If you’re still looking for recommended wax cleaners, check this recommendation by My Automotive Zone: the Turtle Wax Bug and Tar Remover Spray. My Automotive Zone is a site specializing in giving advices and reviews regarding the visual appearance of automobiles and how to keep them good, and in tire pressure gauges.

The remover spray

Turtle Wax’s Wax and Dry Spray Wax gives its users the easy way of achieving that shine that they want for their set of wheels. Made by the company that has a long reputation of being in the forefront of car care, the spray has an easy-on easy-off way of application that makes it easy to use and is thus one of the most popular car sprays in the market today.

The composition of the spray wax makes waxing your car a lot easier than traditional waxes, making it perfect for those car owners who have too little time to scrub their cars thoroughly. The liquid composition makes the chore a lot quicker to do. Purchasing the Wax and Dry Spray Wax gives you two bottles of this quick and easy spray wax and a microfiber towel, basically all that you’ll need to get that shine for your car. If you won’t be using the towel for cleaning the car, you can use it instead to wipe the sweat off you!

Making the spray stand out

The spray wax reigns superior above its counterparts, for several reasons:

1. High gloss shine

Not only that the manufacturers said it so, its users claim that using the Turtle Wax spray leaves your car looking factory-new. Adding its ease of use, this possibility of happening to your vehicle is never far from your grasp.

2. Easy to Dry and Wax

Being straightforward in the sense that you can just spray it and thereafter give it a wipe, the Turtle Wax Spray doesn’t even need a brush or varnish to maximize its effect. You can simply spray the mixture and use the accompanying towel, or whatever you have for this purpose, to clean up!

3. Power of stain removal

Despite being of liquid base, the Turtle Wax spray can remove the peskiest of stains imaginable on a car: tar, bugs, and the annoying bird droopings! Normally, these kinds of stains are hard to remove, but the job is made easy by the spray.

4. Powerful protection

In addition to providing a shiny finish, the formula of the spray also leaves your car with the protection needed to make the shine last; being inclusive of carnauba wax and other polymers. You don’t have to compromise since the mixture is friendly to the car paint.

5. Amount

One bottle of the Turtle Wax spray is enough to clean up a car 17 times over. Since you’ll be getting two bottles of the Turtle Wax Spray per purchase, it will be a really long time before you’ll have to go out and make another purchase.

With all these advantages over other brands, there is one setback on the Turtle Wax Spray, and that is the strong smell. However, a similar strong smell is common among all car wax brands; and if you’re a seasoned car wax user, you will get used to the smell. Also, My Automotive Zone recommends the CarGuys Liquid Wax if you want a car wax with only one bottle, though it is doubtful when one would choose to buy one bottle of car wax at a time instead of two.

Give your vehicle that care and pampering it needs, and it will take you places. To do that, get yourself some of the Turtle Wax Bug and Tar Remover Spray Wax, available even in Amazon! Get that shiny look for your car in no time.