The Fundamentals or Tube Amplifiers: Top Things to Know About Tube Amplifiers

3Everyone knows that the major use of an amplifier is to make the input signal stronger. But do you know anything more than that? If you are starting to learn how to play an electric guitar well, you should at least know more about amplifiers. Here are the top things you need to know about amps:

  1. Know the Kinds if Tube Amplifiers
  • The EL34

These classically designed amplifiers are known with pentode design, which made up of anode, cathode, and the other the three grids. According to the experts, since the development of EL34, it is one of the aggressive types of amplifiers that produce a strong midrange sound.

  • The 6L6 or 5881

This amp is designed completely different from the previous; while the EL34 is pentode, the 6L6 is designed with beam tetrode. This means that the 6L6 is created with four components which produce a cleaner sound than the EL34.

  • The 6550

The 6550 type of tube amp has similar components with 6L5. It has beam tetrode but produces a powerful and better sound than the two previous types of amps.

  • The KT88

Based on 6500 amp, the KT88 produces more refined and higher boost than the previous three. Also, it produces a cleaner sound than the 6L6 and the 6500. However, this amp is not often used in guitar amps; nevertheless, you may try to experiment.

  • The KT66

KT66 is based on the 6L6 type of amp. Some say that the sound of 6L6 and KT66 are similar but a little bit refined than the other; some other would disagree and claim that this type of amp produces smoother sound in high, mids, and has a more dynamic response.

  • The KT77

The sound of KT77 is often described somewhere in between the 6L6 and the EL34, a more refined and accurate configuration than the two.

  • The EL84

This type of amplifier was developed to act in a circuit even without using a drive tube. This means, that the EL84 can amplify a sound even with a smaller signal. However, since it requires a voltage that is low, in order to work, it may produce slightly dirtier sound than the other types of tube.

  • The 6v6

This amp produces a more refined, structured, grittier, and accurate sound compared to the previous types of tube amps.

  1. How do tube amps work?

In technical form describing how tube amps work is tough. However, this how it works:

  • Amps with two electrodes

When the filament inside the vacuum tube heats up and frees the two electrodes, it produces a more refined and improved performance.

  • Amps with three electrodes

Amps that are triodes or with three electrodes, resonates a more refined sound than those with two electrodes, this is because the third electrode can control and boost the current flow of sound. There are more things to know about tube amps. If you are looking for a tube amp that will fit your needs, you may visit this website now.