The Story of the Scooter

A child’s mind is a wonderful thing. This is undoubtedly true for that unknown child inventor who first came up with the idea of the scooter.  It was that long gone child with a creative young mind that saw new possibilities in a set of skate wheels and a humble plank of wood. Not much is known about the child inventor of the ubiquitous scooter but it is said that he or she was a sickly child who lived in one of the big 19th century European cities.


From a simple contraption of skate wheels attached to a plank to the popular, motorized mode of transportation we now see all over the world, the versatile scooter has come a long way. The idea of the scooter has survived the great events of the changing centuries since it was conceptualized. The story of how it evolved from a child’s play thing to a preferred mode of transportation is a tale of necessity.

Scooters enjoyed its first surge of popularity during a dark time in the American past. It was during the Great Depression, the worst economic crash of the industrialized world that scooters first made their mark in the world. It can be argued that the severity of the economic downturn played a pivotal role in turning what was until then a child’s toy into an alternative form of transportation.

A strong case can be made that the Golden Age of Hollywood was also the Golden Age of the Scooter.  Early models of motorized scooters pulled their own weight behind the glitz and glamour of Old Hollywood studio lots. However, don’t be mistaken and think that the proliferation of scooters were limited to tinsel town.  It was during the 1930s that motorized scooters made their presence felt in airports, military bases and urbanized cities.

Fast forward to the world today and the scooter is still very much present and thriving. It has its own niche market of dedicated followers who prefer it for various different reasons. For some it is a low cost, energy-efficient alternative to bigger fuel powered vehicles. For others it is a no parking, no problem solution. In crowded cities where even bicycle parking can be a problem during peak hours the scooter offers a portable alternative that you can fold and stow away until you need to use it again.

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