Things to Do to Make Long Flights Less Miserable

While traveling is fun and exciting, you can’t deny that sitting in a small, confined space of an airplane is extremely uncomfortable. Flying economy is the worst travel experience, especially when the flight will take many hours. Unfortunately, not all airline passengers have enough budget to spare for expensive first-class flights where there is comfort. Then, how can you make your long flight less miserable?


Every individual has tricks to make long flights bearable. They bring items that will make them feel comfortable. Meanwhile, others pack items to spend time, such a book. If your next flight is going to be lengthy, here are some tips to make your trip more comfortable.

#1 Avoid Carrying Huge Baggage

The biggest mistake of many travelers is carrying a huge bag. Yes, you have to be prepared, especially if you are going on a vacation at a remote location. However, you don’t have to carry every single item at your home. As much as possible, bring one bag that contains your essentials, including spare clothes, medicine, and some toiletries.

If you are having trouble deciding which to pack, you can read about it here to find out the best items to bring on lengthy flights. You can buy the other stuff you will need for the trip after you landed. For sure, you will see a store or two near the airport.

#2 Eat Before the Flight

The food on the plane is too expensive. If you are on a strict budget, make sure not to spend much of your money on buying food on the plane. You can avoid this by eating before the flight. Also, don’t forget to bring your water while on the plane.

#3 Block the Noise

While on the plane, you will hear some people chattering, kids crying, and the whirring of the engine. Hearing these noises makes it impossible to sleep. You can bring a pair of earplugs or earmuffs to block the noise. Likewise, listening to calming music through your earphones helps in cancelling out the noise.

#4 Use Sleep Mask and Travel Pillow

Sleeping at the plane is a huge challenge, especially for tall people. It is very uncomfortable to sleep on a narrow space wherein you can’t stretch your leg and headrest. Here is when you will need a travel pillow and a sleep mask. The former will cushion your head and provide support while sleeping. Using a travel pillow will prevent your neck from getting stiff. Meanwhile, the latter blocks the light and will help you get better sleep.

#5 Bring Your Favorite Items

Spend time on the plane by reading your favorite book, magazine, or gadgets. These items are enough to keep you occupied during the flight. Also, bring snacks to ensure your tummy is full.


A lengthy flight can be less miserable when you know what to bring and do. The above tips are only some of the things you can do while traveling on air. If you need more travel tips, visit this reliable source to get additional details.