Tips for First Time Weed Growers

4One of the biggest questions from a lot of new medical marijuana users is the fact that there are individuals who are opting to grow their own rather than buy from a dispensary. After all, dispensaries provide all the conveniences of purchasing and using weed. But it really isn’t a conundrum to long-time weed users. There are numerous advantages. And most new marijuana users will definitely feel the urge to plant their own upon hearing the benefits of home-grown weed. For those who are interested in taking that path, do remember that it’s not easy.

It takes a lot of research, execution of said research as well as an allowance for errors. This allowance, unfortunately, means losing time and money for failed cultivation attempts or unproductive ones. But considering that experience is a great teacher, these errors should be learned from and taken into account moving forward. Then again, there are several helpful tips to avoid unnecessary beginner mistakes. Here are some helpful guidelines to take note of.

  1. Shower them with light.

Every pre-schooler and their younger siblings know that plants need light to survive, of course, with some extreme exceptions. But that’s a topic for another day. The point is that marijuana is just like the general plant population and it needs light in order to thrive. If the light provided is only sufficient for it to survive, growers shouldn’t expect much from it in terms of growth. The best they can hope for is a plant that stretch upwards but has very little volume to write home about. Invest in good lighting to make sure that the plants get more than enough light from day one, especially on day one.

  1. Increase carbon dioxide.

Another important element in plant growth is carbon dioxide. Again, this is grade-schooler knowledge. But there’s a reason why game shows that pit adults against grade-schoolers exist. Adults tend to forget the small things simply because they don’t find any good or practical application for it in their life. But yes, carbon dioxide is an essential part of plant growth so get those CO2’s flowing into the plants. Carbon dioxide is a proverbial food for plants, and it makes sure that light that touches the leaves are utilized for growth.

  1. Prune where necessary.

Any good plant enthusiast, from a gardener to a botanist – should know that pruning plants, when done properly, contributes a lot to its growth. It’s somewhat analogous to cutting off a hydra’s head and then two take its place. It’s an extreme analogy, but that’s basically it, though it must be said that pruning should never be done haphazardly. Cut the hydra’s head, not the body. Rookie growers cutting off a large portion of the plant is not unheard of, which again brings us to the point of the importance of reading a helpful site or two before putting theories into application. Fortunately, there’s no shortage of such websites on the Internet. All it really takes is diligence and genuine interest to learn about marijuana cultivation.