Tips on How to Enhance the Bass Sound of Your Home Cinema System

Does your home theater system lack deep and clear bass sound? Here are the things you can do to improve your cinema system’s bass sound. 

Home Cinema System

A top-notch multi-channel system, such as a 5.1 and 7.1 surround sound, produces high-quality sounds. However, they still lack in bass despite having an impressive overall sonic performance. A home system with great bass maximizes your cinema experience. It allows you to feel those low-frequency explosions and effects as if you are watching a movie in a high-end cinema.

You don’t have to spend much money on branded surround systems to get great bass. The following tips can enhance your home cinema system’s bass sound.

#1 Add a Subwoofer

Install a subwoofer in your home theater will certainly make your movie experience more enjoyable. Even if you have a multi-channel theater system, adding a subwoofer won’t hurt; it will improve the system’s sound quality way better.

The main purpose of a subwoofer is to catch the low octave sounds without distortion. However, when positioned incorrectly, a subwoofer can’t perform its function. If you are going to add a subwoofer, make sure the placement of the equipment is near the wall. Although bass frequencies are omnidirectional, placing a subwoofer near the wall reinforces bass. Also, positioning subwoofers in the corner creates more punch to the sound.

#2 Get a Second Subwoofe

Did you know that adding a second sub improves bass sound?

A second subwoofer fills the gaps of the other subwoofer. It enhances the bass distribution and supports stronger dynamics. Moreover, it provides better system headroom, thereby creating immersive wraparound sound.

#3 Choose the Right Subwoofer

Aside from the subwoofer location, you need to consider the size of the equipment. It should be compatible with the size of your room. If your room has a large space, get a bigger subwoofer. Likewise, choose a smaller subwoofer for a limited room area.

#4 Learn How to Position your Home Theater

Believe it or not, correct placement equalizes the sound coming from your home theater system. All you have to do is learn speaker placement through this website.

Additionally, move any furniture that could trap or disrupt the delivery of sound from the speakers. When positioning the speakers, make sure the sound directly projects towards your seating position at ear level.

Never position your seat near the back wall. A seat on the back wall increases bass energies and sound build-up, which is not good for your ears. Likewise, a seat to a sidewall is not a good idea. It will severely impact the sound from the front speakers. A good rule of thumb is to move your seat a bit forward from the wall.

#5 Choose the Correct Subwoofer

If you are planning to buy a subwoofer, choose one that is compatible with your current home cinema system. A mismatched subwoofer, receiver, and amplifier can do great damage to the equipment. The worst thing that could happen is your subwoofer and speaker blowing out.

Home theater systems are an investment. If you want it to last long, do not make impulsive buying. Try to do plenty of research to understand your equipment and avoid purchasing incompatible sound devices.