Toilet Measurements

 The accurate measurement of a toilet seat is the real ideal of having your toilet inserted properly. Taking the wrong measurements will bring wrong fittings that will end up frustrating yourself and the whole procedure of putting up a toilet. There are many and different toilet sizes in the stores making it important for you to take accurate measurements for your toilet fittings.

Importance of the measurements

They come in different sizes and shapes so we take measurements to be accurate with the type of toilet that fits our needs. The measurements are taken also depending on the type of toilet like for special needs, a new one to be bought, a replacement seat and toilet seats for toddlers.

The basic measurements

Measuring in between the dimension of the bolt holes that connects seat to bowl determines if you have a front round shaped toilet or an elongated toilet. Take the tape measure and measure the front rim of the toilet. Put down on paper the measurements you get to avoid cramming of the measurements which on due long you might forget.

Measuring a new toilet

Use the tape measure again, in between the bolts where seat toilets attaches measure that and note the readings. Take the widest part of the external part of the bowl, outer part of the brim and then take the length between seat bolts to the outer part of the front bowl. Record readings so as you get the right measurements.

Special needs toilet

Place the tape at the center front of toilet bowl hold it and stretch to center of the hinges in between the post holes. If you are not sure of the shape, take off the seat pan and takes pictures for easy recognition from the store where you are to buy.

Measuring a replacement toilet

Replacement seat comes with a clear instruction. Measuring is done with the old toilet still in place so as to come up with the best replacement. Measure from post hole at the back of the seat area; take the measurements of the bowl where it is the broadest. Lastly while holding the tape measure at the center front of the toilet bowl, stretch it to the center of the hinges between the post holes. Record all the measurements.

The importance of recording measurements

You will get a toilet seat that fits perfectly on your toilet pan. Familiarity to your toilet becomes easier to select a toilet seat. Measuring your seat before getting a new one is wise. Most stores will not accept return of toilet seats due to hygiene reasons so learn how to measure a toilet seat.


Measuring your toilet will provide with accurate measurements that your toilet requires so as to fit in. double checking your measurements is essential to avoid losing your money and conflicts of returning the bowl that may arise between you and the seller. Taking proper measurements is the best ideal of owning a toilet bowl that fits perfectly.