Top Methods to Snoop a Phone Conversation

Is there a way to listen to a conversation from another phone? Yes, there is.

Big Snoops

Are you in doubt if your partner is cheating on you? Or are you worried that your partner is doing a suspicious activity? Did you know that you can snoop around your partner’s call logs and secretly listen to their conversation from another mobile phone?


Check these ways how to snoop someone’s conversation:

#1: Use call tapping tools

Isn’t tapping someone’s call illegal? Yes, it is; however, there are exemptions – only for valid reasons. So, before considering using call tapping tools, you need to check the laws about call tapping within your state.

Anyway, there are call-tapping tools or software that can be legally installed. These tools are often equipped with:

  • Stealth mode
  • Remote uninstallation
  • No jailbreak or root required
  • Remote monitoring
  • Web-based interface (allows you to tap calls using any browser)

#2: Using a spy app

Another option for you to listen to someone’s conversation using another device or mobile phone is using a spy app. Some spy apps enable call tapping without the target’s knowledge. Similar to the usual call tapping tools, spy apps are equipped with tools that can keep your spy movement discreet or in stealth mode. If you check at Big Snoops, you’ll find well-reviewed spy apps, and you may choose from there.

#3: Cell phone cloning

Cell phone cloning or mobile cloning is copying the identity of one’s phone to another. This means your entire phone’s details are copied to another phone, even the backup data.

There are clone apps that allow the transfer of messages, call logs, contacts, photos, videos, and more, from one phone to another phone. Also, there are instances where clone apps enable you to receive voice mails and have them deleted without the target’s knowledge.

These cloning apps are with a paid subscription, or you must pay to download and install. So, if you are willing to spend more, you may consider this type of method.

#4: Use the parental control app

Although tapping calls on the parental control app is nearly impossible, most of these apps are beneficial for monitoring call logs, messages, social media activities, browsing history, and even location. Also, most of these apps are inexpensive or free to install. So, if you are out of budget but want to check your partner’s call logs, you may try installing the app.

#5: Consider using a free phone call tracker

Although most free phone call trackers are intended to monitor your child’s phone call activities, these are also useful for tracking your partner’s call logs. However, most downloadable free trackers are not safe; some of these were developed by scammers. So, before considering installing a free app on any app store, make sure to research the developer’s credibility by reading reviews.

Final Thoughts

Then again, try to take note that snooping on someone’s phone calls or messages is punishable by the law. So, before you consider tapping or listening to someone’s phone conversation, make sure to know and understand the law against snooping on someone’s privacy. Are there exemptions? Can you install a spy app to check your partner’s loyalty? You should research it more before installing the app.